Introduction: Supplementary Survival With a Coffee Bag

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This easy to implement addition to any Survival Kit, greatly enhances the kit and adds negligible weight and bulk. I've broken its uses down to three different categories: Urban, Wilderness and Zombie Apocalypse. I suggest using the foil type bags as the paper ones probably wouldn't last.

Step 1: Urban Uses

I made a kit a few years ago for another contest, you can read about it following the link. It will fit in the 340 gram bag, or any of the larger ones.


You're at a company catered meeting or lunch, and there's extra sandwiches, goodies, veggies, with your coffee bag you take some back to your desk or work station and eat it later or depending what you scrounged take it home for supper. The bag is relatively water proof to a certain extent and comes with sealing tabs.

Camouflage, with your kit in the bag a decaf one works great for this, since some people don't like decaf and will pass by your kit. If you put around a 1/2 cup of rice in the bag as well when the person shakes it, (to a person not use to the sound of coffee beans) they would think it's just coffee beans.

Another use for the rice and the bag is to rescue your phone, whether it falls into water, sink or toilet, or you spill water on it, wipe the water off, put it in the bag with the rice and seal it up, when you can, add more rice, Google what to do next. This is a good start to help saving your phone. It may not be the best way but it's a start.

The bag can also be used to put your phone and wallet in, in case you're caught in a sudden downpour.

Another use is as a temporary pillow, tape over the bags vent with what ever tape you may have on hand, blow into it to puff it up, roll down the opening and use the metal tie to close it, to make it extra secure you could tape it as well. This can also be used for cube farm volley ball when the boss isn't around.

A physiological boost, if you've hard a rough day at work or commuting you can look at the bag and say to yourself I'm going to treat myself to one of my favorite coffee drinks on the way home or at home. Something to look forward to.

Step 2: Wilderness

You have your candy tin Survival Kit, when you put in a coffee bag you've increased the versatility of your kit.


Because of their compact size you could carry a few extra for different uses.

A bag for drinking water, make sure you rinse them out with clean water a few times and let them air dry before you take them on your outing.

If you are foraging for berries you can put them in the bag and gather lots.

If your going to fish you can put the bait you find in one and carry it to the spot you're going to fish. Then you can carry your catch back in a larger one.

If you have extra food in a survival situation seal it in the bag tie some para cord to the bag, throw the other end of the para cord over a tree limb and hoist you meager food stores out of the reach of predators.

Make a pillow just like in the Urban part, a good nights rest could help make you feel better and comfort sure helps.

If you have to cross a body of water put your wallet in one and seal it before hand.

If you have a bag like the Hawaiian one pictured you have something to aid you in your goal of surviving, It could remind you of a trip you made or an added incentive " when I get out of this situation and back to civilization" I'm going to go on that trip.

If you keep one of the bags and not rinse it out you have an item to smell and remind you of a better place and time, It could help defeat the games your mind plays on you when you're stuck somewhere you'd rather not be.

Step 3: Zombie Apocalispe

Though this may or may not ever happen it is best to be prepared.


If you have a decaf bag with your kit in it, the zombie may just throw it away saying "ugh decaf" in zombie speak.

Distraction, if you're trying to distract a zombie from attacking your family or friends put some pebbles or rice and seal it and shake it to distract the zombie.

As a physiological boost, coffee, I have to survive this and find a coffee shop that is part of my will to live.

The pillow coffee bag, you'll have to sleep sometime even though the zombies don't.

If you find food you can carry it in the bags.

Step 4: The End

Some may find this Instructable different and disagree with my ideas, thats OK, I just think that this is an inexpensive addition to any Survival Kit you may already have. Thanks for reading. Remember you need to prepare to survive, whatever situation you may be in.

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