Introduction: Bear Grylls Survival Knife

HI there, I have just created a Bear Grylls survival knife. It only takes a half hour to make. It is a very easy replica. Remember, this isn't that sturdy of a replica.
Here are the supplies you will need to complete this project:

Ballpoint Pen
Duck Tape
Power Drill
Drill bits
Thick String
Popcicle Stick
Orange Crayon/marker/colored pencil

Step 1: Tracing and Cutting.

First of all, you need to trace the handle and blade seperately so that you have to seperate parts. I made cardboard models of the handle and blade to make it easier to trace. I have provieded a picture to print out that will help you. Use your pen and trace to handles, and two blades with the handles. After that, cut it out with your scissors.

Step 2: Handle Grip

Now you want to place the two blades in between the two handles like a sandwhich. Now you are going to wrap the handle with duck tape. Make sure you do not cover the section with the two circles.You can cover the hole on the handle. Do not wrap the blade yet. Now, you want to cut the popcicle stick a little less than halfway. Take the bigger piece and slip it down the center of the blade. Now you can wrap the blade but be sure that the popcicle stick stays in the middle while you do it. Next, take leftover of the stick and slip down the center of the handle. If the end of the handle is covered, slit a hole so that the stick can fit in. Now cover the end with duck tape.

Step 3:

In step three, you are going to make the Bear Grylls symbol. Unfortunately, I do not have blueprints for you to trace the BG. But as you can see in the picture, it's just a B and a G that are connected. You want to draw two of them on the cardboard using you pen. After you draw them, color them with your orange crayon. You then want to carefully cut them out. Use the duck tape to attach one to each side. I taped the rims of the symbol to the handle giving it the pop out letter effect. Next, cut out two lines and color them orange. They have to be the the same length as the width of the handle. Look at the pictures for clarification. Tape the lines to the handle. Now, take your sharpie and draw on the blade. You have to write GERBER and draw a line underneath that stretches to the tip of the blade and bends toward the bottom of the blade near the handle. Draw little saw grooves at the bottom of the blade. Then write Bear next to GERBER diagonally.

Step 4: Holes and Finishing

With your power drill, you are going to drill holes in three places. I used a 7/32 and a 3/16 drill bit. Use the smaller of the two for the handle hole. A string needs to fit through the hole, so it has to be the right size. At the top of the handle, you need two parrellel holes. Take the 7/32 and drill. Now at the bottom of the handle, use the 3/16 bit and drill there. After you are done drilling, take the pen and make the holes more rounded by twisting the pen through them. The pen should not go all the way through. After finishing the holes, take your string and slide it through the hole at the bottom. Tie it and wrap a piece of cardboard around it and tape it closed. The small piece of cardboard replicates the whistle. You have just finished a replica of the Bear Grylls survival knife using household items.