Introduction: Support Rework Station (hotair)

In quarantine I am repairing many broken things, and often I need the use of a hot air soldering station. It often happens that I have to take it out of the box and I lose the desire to repair things, so I decided to build a support to always have it at hand. The quarantine issue gave me a little inventiveness, building this with what I had at home

Step 1: What Do We Need?

As I said in the introduction, given the impossibility of leaving the house to go buy specific things for my purpose, and it is possible to go out only to go to the supermarket, I recovered a wooden fruit box. Material that would have been thrown away.

I also recovered a couple of screws that I had on the bottom of the toolbox, and some joint plates.

Step 2: Mounting

With only a screwdriver and a ruler, I chose the ideal position under my desk. Really close where I shelter my objects.

I placed the fruit box horizontally and I started screwing the self-tapping screws. I placed the joint plate between wood and desk, in order to give greater rigidity.

By placing the soldering station in its place I noticed that I made a mistake ... the thin wood flexes under the weight.
A solution must be found ....

Step 3: Solution!!

Being in possession of a 3D printer I decided to print an L-bracket to avoid the flexing of the wood, thus avoiding that it could give way by knocking my soldering station on the ground.

Step 4: Special Tips

Remember that the hot air station produces air at 400 degrees. To avoid any unpleasant situation for my desk I decided to put a couple of sheets of aluminum paper so that it can shield the surface from the heat.

Step 5: Finish

That's all, the soldering station is properly in place, safe from possible falls. I hope it will come in handy. Greetings F

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