Introduction: Support Table for Perkins Braille Writer

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Make a table to support the paper as it exits the Perkins Braille Writer.

It is difficult to read and correct the braille "dots" as the paper comes out of the Braille Writer. This table provides support for the paper while reading and erasing the Braille dots.

It is particularly useful when performing math calculations on the writer.

I typically supply two tables to each child. One for home and one for school.

Step 1:

Materials: 1/4" Plywood (12" x 20" per table), 3/4" square wood stock 15" long, Paint, Wood Glue, 3d Finish Nails, #6 x 3/4 Wood Screws, sandpaper,

Tools: Hammer, Drill, Sander, Saw with wood blade (saber, table, or band), tape measure, bar clamp (13" or longer), screwdriver, #15 Torx bit, square

The various steps are shown below. These fabrication steps & dimensions are also shown in the attached files

"Build a Braille Writer Support Table.pdf" and Brailler Table Drawing.pdf

Step 2:

Cut the table top and inner support plywood

Use the Dimensions shown in the sketch:

Step 3:

Layout the two 5-1/4" x 4-1/8" sides on 1/4" plywood as shown. If the table top is thicker than 1/4", subtract the extra thickness from the 4-1/8" dimension.

Step 4:

Cut out the two sides from the plywood. It is easy to use the first cutout as a template for the 2nd side.

Step 5:

Braces - cut one brace 10-1/4" long and two braces 3-7/8" long from 3/4" square stock or scrap wood. The longer brace may have to be cut shorter is thicker plywood is used for the sides.

Step 6:

You should now have 7 pieces cut to size.

Step 7:

Test fit all parts. Trim as needed. Sand all edges and corners.

Step 8:

This is the assembly drawing.

Step 9:

Glue the long brace to the center support

Nail with 4 - 3d finish nails. It helps to predrill the holes.

Step 10:

Glue the 2 short braces to center support with 2 - 3d nails each

Step 11:

Mark the center line on the top piece, both sides.

Use the side pieces to mark the top for nails.

Step 12:

Mark inner support location on bottom of table top. Check notch location.

Step 13:

Drill four 1/16" holes in top at center support.

Step 14:

Countersink the 4 screw holes din the top at the center only. Nails will be used on the sides.

Step 15:

Clamp and Glue the Inner Support Assembly and the two sides to the Table Top.

Step 16:

Screw the top to the inner support with 4 - #6 x 3/4 wood screws. I prefer Torx drive screws.

Step 17:

Test fit the table to a brailler. It should be level with the small discharge shelf of the brailler. If the table is too high, it will snag the paper. Sand the bottom of the table to make it fit.

Step 18:

Sand all corners and edges. Remove any burrs and splinters. You may need to fill in the screw holes on the stop to make the surface smooth. Recheck that table fits brailler and does not "rock".

Step 19:

Paint the table all around. Use at least three coats on top to make it smooth.

Review the attached PDF file for similar instructions.