Supported File Extensions

Introduction: Supported File Extensions

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When authoring your project on Instructables, you may be curious about what file types are allowed to include in your project. You'll find the complete list of supported file types here. If you'd like to request we add support for an additional file type, please let us know. The maximum size for any file you may upload is 25MB.


These file types will appear at the top of your project's steps, in a mosiac if there are more than one:

  • *.jpg
  • *.jpeg
  • *.jpe
  • *.gif
  • *.png
  • *.tif
  • *.tiff
  • *.bmp
  • *.img
  • *.pict
  • *.pct
  • *.raw


These file types will appear underneath your step text, as attachments.


  • *.pdf document
  • *.txt text
  • *.rtf rich text
  • *.csv comma separated value
  • *.c C program
  • *.h C program
  • *.cpp C++ program
  • *.hex hexadecimal file
  • *.ino Arduino
  • *.pde Arduino
  • *.py Python program
  • *.bat DOS batch file
  • *.xml markup
  • *.aaf post production (advanced authoring format)
  • *.key Apple Keynote
  • *.odp open slide presentation (Google Drive, Open Office)

Autodesk design software:

  • *.brd Autodesk EAGLE
  • *.sch Autodesk EAGLE
  • *.dru Autodesk EAGLE
  • *.f3d Autodesk Fusion 360
  • *.f3z Autodesk Fusion 360
  • *.ipt Autodesk Inventor
  • *.iam Autodesk Inventor

3D/design/vector graphics:

  • *.stl 3D file
  • *.dxf vector graphics
  • *.eps vector graphics
  • *.svg vector graphics
  • *.psd Adobe Photoshop
  • *.ai Adobe Illustrator
  • *.indd Adobe InDesign
  • *.crw Corel Draw
  • *.swf Flash
  • *.fla Flash
  • *.sldprt SolidWorks
  • *.skp SketchUp
  • *.key Apple Keynote
  • *.g *.gco *.gcode G-code machine toolpath


  • *.ogg
  • *.wav
  • *.mp3
  • *.aiff
  • *.aif

Video (to play video in your Instructable, embed it instead of uploading the video file)

  • *.mp4
  • *.mov
  • *.avi
  • *.wmv
  • *.mpeg
  • *.mpg
  • *.webm
  • *.3gp
  • *.flv
  • *.ram

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