Introduction: Suppressor for Jake Makes’ Hairspray Pistol

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If you’ve built Jake Makes’ hairspray pistol or a similar small hairspray gun you have probably noticed that they are quite loud. You could decrease the noise slightly and increase the accuracy by making the barrel a foot or so longer. Or better yet you could build a suppressor for 10 or so dollars assuming you already have the cements and primer. I give Jake Makes 100% credit for the original gun design, I only designed this suppressor.

Step 1: Gather Materials

In order to build this you will need the following things:
Cotton balls, about a foot of 1.5” schedule 40 abs, 1.5 coupling, caulking or hot glue gun, 15” of 1/2 schedule 40 pvc, pvc cement, pvc primer, abs cement, 1.5” male threaded adapter or coupling, 1 1/2” x 1 1/4” pvc reducer, 1 1/4” x 1” pvc reducer, 3” or so piece of 1” schedule 40 pvc, 3.5” piece of thin wall 3/4 pvc, drill with 3/16 bit, 1.5’ piece of dowel, 1/2” twist connect coupling, saw, and duct tape or electrical tape.

Step 2: Drill the Holes and Cut the Pipe

Cut off a 2.5” section from the 1/2” pipe. Next drill 3/16” holes in the big 1/2 pipe spaced 1” apart across and 3/4 apart diagonally. Wrap one end of each pipe with tape until they fit tightly in the thin wall 3/4” pvc. Then cut the 3/4” pipe in half, the halves should be 1.5” long.

Step 3: Cement the Pipes

Cement the 2 abs fittings into the abs pipe. You could go over the edges with hot glue if you like. Next cement the pvc reducers together and cement the piece of 1” pipe into the end. Then hammer in one of the halves of the thin wall pipe into the 1” pipe.

Step 4: More Connecting

Hot glue or caulk one end of the 1/2” coupling into the threaded adapter. Make sure it’s straight by putting the non taped end of the 1/2” pipe in it and centering it on the other end. With the big 1/2” pipe still attached stuff the suppressor with cotton balls but not too tightly. Use the dowel to push them down. Next attach the other half of the 3/4” pipe onto the short 1/2 pipe. Then shove it into the back of the pvc reducers 1/2” pipe first. Remove the pvc reducers but leave the 3/4” pipe and the 1/2” pipe still attached to the main body of the suppressor. Then put a small piece of electrical tape on the bottom of the 1 1/2” x 1 1/4” reducer. Reattach it. THE WHOLE SMALL 1/2” PIPE SHOULD BE WRAPPED IN TAPE LIKE IN THE LAST PHOTO! Once you have figured out how everything fits together glue the 3/4” pipe and the short 1/2” pipe together. Then glue the 3/4” pipe onto the big 1/2” pipe with a thin layer of hot glue. Make sure everything is straight by looking down it or using a dowel that fits perfectly in the 1/2” pipe.

Step 5: Finishing Up

You’re done! Attach this by sliding it on the barrel as far as it will go. If it’s not decreasing the noise drill some 3/16” holes in the outside but not too many.