Introduction: Surf Media Console / Stereo Cabinet

Hey everybody. Today we made this old Stereo Cabinet into a nice to have Media Console.

Step 1: Clean It Up

First we have to clean up. There was an old transistor radio receiver, two build in speakers with speaker textile and a record player in it. Unfortunately the parts are not working. So we decided to replace it. The base frame is not our taste. So we choose bricks. We demounting the doors, so the second step would be much easier.

Step 2: Sanding

You don't have to sand the hole thing down if you are sure to paint it. But we first thought, that we like the Wood Look. After sanding it down completely, we decided to paint it. So if you sure at the beginning, you can only grind the top. We startet with 120 grit sandpaper an go up to a grit of 320 Sandpaper.

Step 3: Color It

We move to the DIY Market and choose color, a primer, paint roller and brushes. The paint roller is good for the big tops. So first start with the primer. We apply two layers of primer. After it is dry you can start to apply your favorite color. You should apply some layers. Between every layer you have to sand it and get the dust of it. Then again and again. If the hole workpiece is painted you can assemble the doors again and paint the decorative strip in a different color.

Step 4: Assembling

After the color is completely dry you can place it, where it should. So we can bring all the electronics in. First we place the speakers. They really sound awesome in it. Then we install the Radio Receiver, Apple TV, a Record Player and my NES. At last we screw the TV to the wall.

After a while we thought, that a new speaker textile in front of the speakers would be nice. So we build a frame and bring some grill cloth on it. The sound is as good as before but it looks more classy.

We hope you like it and get inspired to do something you like.

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