Introduction: Surge Protector

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This is a surge protector

Step 1: Surge Protector

Hi, today i will show how to make a surge protector.It will protect your electronics items in surge or spike.Surge and spike means over voltage,over current and high frequency.It will protect from eddycurrent.High voltage in high frequency is known as eddycurrent.

Step 2:

When the input power ON the green led turn On.When we press the push on switch the output power will on.The red led indicate output power on.

Step 3:

I added a 1 ampere fuse and fuse carrier you can use 2a or 3a fuse for higher load

Step 4:

The output voltage is stable

Step 5:

I added a led indicator for showing fuse blown.If we shorted the output the fuse surely blow.

Step 6:

Take a look at the inside.?

Step 7:

This is the circuit diagram

Step 8:


1)12v relay five pin

2)12-0-12 500ma transformer

3)In4007 diode

4)1000uf/25v capacitor

5)Bt 169 scr

6)1k resistor (2)

7)470 ohms resistor

8)2.2k resistor

9)green (1) red (2) led

10)Mov 250v

11)push on switch

12) 3a fuse and fuse carrier

13)3pin socket

14)3pin code wire

15)plastic container

Step 9:

Thanks i hope you like this.?

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