Introduction: Surinam Cod Sandwich & Zuur

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This is one of the best Surinam recipes you'll ever try. It doesn't have that many ingredients. It's easy to make and it tastes really good.

Step 1: Ingredients

This is enough for 4 to 5 sandwiches.

-Half a pound of  dried and salted cod. 
-a big onion
-a clove of garlic
-2 tomatoes
-a piece of hot chilly
-sunflower oil
-hard buns

Step 2: Getting the Fish Ready

Cook the cod for 15 minutes in water to get out most of the salt. Then filet the fish and take out the bones. It is possible to buy filets.

Step 3: Fill Up the Frying Pan

Cut the onions and garlic and fry them in some sunflower oil until they turn glazy.
Then add the tomato and the chilli. Let it cook for about 5 minutes. You could add some tomato puree for more intense tomato flavour.

Add the cod and celeriac and leave to cook for about 20 minutes.

That's the fish ready!

Step 4: Zuur (ingredients)

Zuur translates as sour in Dutch. It adds packs of flavour to the sandwich so it's worth making it. It can contain many different vegetables. This one is made with cucumber and onions.

1 cucumber
50 ml of water
50 ml of vinegar
5 kruidnagels???
a pinch of salt
a little pepper
a chilli (if you want)

Zuur can be kept in a glass jar in the fridge for quite some time, and it just keep getting better every day.

Step 5: Making the Zuur.

Peel the cucumber in a striped pattern so there is some, but not all, skin left on the cucumber. This adds taste and color.

Then take a fork and push it into the cucumber & pull down, so you make grooves into it.

Put the water, the vinegar, the kruidnagel & the salt and pepper in a bowl, add the cucumber and leave it for a day. If you want it hot (yes we do!) cut the chilli lengthways and add it.

Step 6: Butter Up Your Bun.

Butter up the bun on both sides and pile up all the fishy goodness & add zuur.
Serve with a cold drink. A beer perhaps.