Introduction: Surprises in a Candle

Hello everyone!

Here is how I made this candle with hidden vouchers, in a quick and easy way!

UPDATE 13/01/2015

As I published this instructable before having seen the results once the candle lit, I had to publish an update. And it is a pretty good surprise because it works fine! The papers I have used to wrote the vouchers did not even burnt, and they were quite readable, even half buried under the wax.


Christmas is coming, and I still do not have gift for my girlfriend. I know that she loves candles, and for example she always lights candles when she is working. So I got the following idea: to create a candle with some vouchers hidden in it (like a voucher for a movie, for a beer, etc..), so it is motivating to work and discover which vouchers are in the candle, and she will have surprises as long as the candle is not finished.


  • tealight candles (I used 8)
  • a lighter
  • papers
  • a pencil
  • nothing more

Step 1: The Tealight Candles

The first thing is to remove the aluminium part of your candles.

Step 2: The Vouchers

Then write the vouchers on small papers, and fix them with wax on each tealight candle.

For examples: a restaurant, a beer, a movie, etc...

Step 3: Make the Candle

The last step is to glue each candle one by one, using another candle to melt the wax.

At the end, you will have several tealight candles glued all together with wax, making a long candle.

Step 4: Conclusion

Then you have finished!

One thing you might wonder is "will the papers burn with the flame?". Well... I do not know... It is still packed and I will give it in few days for christmas.

But I would say:

-each candle has its own wick which starts at the bottom of the tealight candle with a small part of aluminum, so when the flame arrives to this part, it should stop burning. You then have to remove the papers, and light the next wick!

-but be careful, I do not know what could happen!

Let me know what you think about this project :)