Introduction: Surround Sound From Stereo

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This instructable describes how I converted stereo into surround sound using my decoder and two satellite speakers. The goal is to extend "home theater" surround sound experience to any place with quality and simplicity. Works great with all stereo equipment including TVs.

You will need the following items to convert stereo into surround sound:
1 Surround Sound Decoder Kit
2 Satellite speakers (4 - 8 Ohm, about 3 Watt nominal power). Almost any type of speaker works: Computer speakers, satellite speakers, small speakers, big speakers, etc.
Cables to connect satellite speakers
Pliers, cutters, and heat gun to strip and terminate cables

Step 1: Choose Place for Satellite Speakers and Prepare Cables

The satellite speakers should create a trapezoid, rectangle or square shape with the front speakers. Two short cables are needed to connect amplifier output with the decoder and two long cables are needed to connect satellite speakers to decoder.

Step 2: Terminate Cables

Strip 3/8 of insulation from the ends of all cables. Place cable end on the snap-on terminal, allowing 1/8 of insulation to reside within terminals tail. Fix cables end in place by squeezing the terminals tail around cables insulation. Squeeze terminals neck around wire with pliers. Bend excess wire toward the terminals tail. Attach terminals to all cable ends going to decoder. Mark cable ends with heat shrink tubes. Place red tube on + or red wire. Place white tube on - or black wire. Apply hot air to shrink the tubes. Snap-on terminals and heat-shrink tubes are included in the kit.

Step 3: Final Connection

Snap terminals to decoder using directions on the label. Connect other ends of cables to amplifier and satellite speakers, maintaining proper polarity for all connections.