Introduction: Survival Altoids Tin

So you wan to make an outdoor survival tin. in this tutorial i will go over what should be in one and how to decide what you need in one.

So there are 4 main "kits" which are:

  1. Fire
  2. Food collection
  3. Shelter building
  4. First aid

These may very depending on were you live but these are what i find most important.

Step 1: The Tin

Most people will go with an Altoids tin but this is not the only option. These are small and compact if you don't need much but bigger tins you can boil water in which is something you may want to thing about.

On the outside of the tin or on the lid you should have a reflective surface such as a mirror to signal. you will also want to use rubber bands because once you pack the tin it may not be able to close fully.

Step 2: The Kit

So on the inside of this kit you will need to decide your priority, I value shelter & fire over first aid and food collection.

Remember you can go 3 weeks without food 3 days with out water.

For fire you should have 2-3 ways to start one weather it be a bic lighter matches or striker is up to you, i prefer a bic and matches.

For shelter all i take is 10 feet of para-cord and a knife. If you are not able to make rope out of cattail or other natural material you may want more. as far as a knife goes you need to pick a small good knife that can hold an edge and take a beating. In my kit I use the shrade timer X because it is very strong and holds an edge.

For first aid you most likely would want electrical tape (this is two fold as you can use it for wounds and shelter) , band-aid (ones that have antibiotic in them are best) pain killers, and gauze. You do not need both gauze and band-aids but they are good to have both.

For food collection what I bring is a knife (same one under shelter) and a fishing kit. Inside the fishing kit is fishing line (about 20 feet of 10 pound mono) weighted hooks (they take up less room) and fake worms. Something else that Is good to put in your kit is a folded piece of paper with edible plants on it for your area if you do not know them.

above is my first attempt at making one but has changed. I hoped this tutorial helped you decide what to put in your kit. If you liked this tutorial please follow me on Instructables and subscribe to my YouTube channel.