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Introduction: Survival Bag

Here is a go bag or survival bag that I have put together over the past year. It is ever evolving, but I have tried to be very mindful when choosing items so they can have the most impact and multiple uses. I normally throw it in the car when we are headed out of town and also when it is time to camp, everything is in one convent carry bag.

I will say this, if you do not have outdoor experience this is not a shopping list. These are tools that will help with comfort, and survival if needed. You need the knowledge and experience to utilize the tools to suit your needs. I have been an avid outdoorsman for quite some time. One thing I do regret, is not following through to the end with my Eagle Scout rank. I had everything in place and my Eagle project approved, just never took over the finish line.

Here is a photo over everything that is in the bag itself. I will be going through the items by pocket.
The bag is from LA Police gear, and it a great bag for the price.

LA Police Gear 3 Day Pack

Step 1: The Main Compartment

The main compartment top to bottom, left to right

-Columbia down jacket is a stuff sack
-Two Yards of Bargain bin fleece from the fabric store in a stuff sack
-Rain Coat
-The ductwork insulation bubble warp underneath the items above I got at Menards, similar to this. It is good insulator when sitting on the ground or a makeshift ground pad
-The Crown Royal bag has a 6x9 ripstop nylon tarp I made with fabric from fabric store.
-LA Police gear bag
-12x9 tarp
-Stocking hat

Step 2: Food

Food (top to bottom, left to right)

-Toilet Paper
-Two bags of oatmeal
-Two packages of Ramen
-Beef jerky
-Flask with Whiskey
-Cliff Bars

Step 3: Camp Stove

Camp Stove

This was made from a 50 cent aluminum water bottle from the thrift store. The top and bottom cut off, the top pounded into the bottom to create a reservoir for fuel and holes drilled around the outside of the bottom to let the flame out. It works well to boil water. The fuel is Heat (fuel treatment) from the yellow bottle.

The stainless steel cup is also a dollar purchase from the thrift store.

Step 4: The Maxpedition Fatty

The Maxpedition Fatty

This, in itself, is a small survival kit and probably what gets used most from this bag. It is in a small enough bag it can be taken and attached to a belt if everything else is lost or has to be left behind.

Maxpedition Fatty
Maglite XL50
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel
Fox 40 Sharx Whistle
Gorilla Tape
Yarn Needle
Bick Lighter
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic
Streamlight Nano Light
Sewing machine bobbin
-One bobbin filled with dental floss
-One bobbin filled with 60lb spectra
NiteIze S-Biner
NiteIze Figure 9
Emergency Poncho
A Square of Heavy Duty Tin Foil
Empty film container with 3 Vaseline soaked cotton balls
One Bandanna, wrapped with hair tie
SAS Survival Guide
Aquamira Fontier Emergency Water Filter
One set disposable ear plugs
25 Feet of Paracord
Lanyard for whistle and fire steel
One tampon
One Emergency Mylar Blankets
Breast Milk Storage Bags
-Two Green tea bags and a coffee filter
-Band-Aids and Alcohol swabs
Box Cutter

Step 5: Front Pocket

Front Pocket (top to bottom, left to right)
-25' paracord
-Three bandannas
-2 Platapus water blatters
-Small empty stuff sack
-Electrical tape
-Hand Sanitizer
-Knife sharpener
-Eating utensils
-Backup head lamp
-Bag with band aids and alcohol swabs
-Small Swiss army knife with light
-Chap stick
-Leatherman multi tool
-Mora Knives

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    5 years ago

    awesome i added boots to this and a coat from , and stryke pants from new bug out kit ready to go!


    6 years ago

    very good!!


    6 years ago

    Lot of effort in this i can tell


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! It seems a bit light on the medical/first aid equipment and medications for my taste though.

    Lots of thought and effort went into this, I can tell.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm still trying to learn things... Please answer a couple of questions... What do you use these items for?

    a) One tampon
    b) Breast Milk Storage Bags
    c) -Two Green tea bags and a coffee filter


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Each one of these items can be used in many ways, you may not know its purpose until the situation presents itself. Below are a few examples

    a) kindling, they also can soak up a massive amount of liquid and be used to stop bleeding from a wound

    b) these bags are thicker plastic and have a double seal, they can be used to gather and carry any number of things including a canteen for water

    c) tea to drink, coffee filter used to filter dirt and other particulates from water


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well thought out, got a couple of ideas to modify the bag I made. Thanks for sharing it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent job on your Ible. Very well documented. Keep up the good work.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Not to be cruel, but if you don't have a firearm in your "bug out" kit you are completely at the mercy of anyone that does.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Your'e assuming that his hands are not, in fact, deadly weapons. (No doubt registered in several states as such.)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    As someone that has spent most of the last decade in Iraq & Afghanistan I can tell you that firearms trump ninja skilz... And the Special Forces people I know would agree most vigorously.

    Seriously, a firearm is a REQUIREMENT for any serious survival kit. Almost anything can be gotten at gunpoint. Not to say that is a good thing; but it's the truth... Even a 22 will get you food (rabbit and Squirrel) plus if you pull the bullet from the casing the gunpowder makes a dandy fire starter.

    Me? I have multiple 22 cal pistols that I can reliably hit a bunny at 30 yards with. And a "defensive caliber" handgun for the big critters (like bad people, feral dogs, etc).