Introduction: Survival Bracelets

Survival Bracelets are paracord braided in certain weaves that can contain up to 25 feet of paracord, that you can wear on your wrist, and use when any situation may arise when are in need of a rope. Survival bracelets are usually made with 550 Paracord, which have a breaking strenght of over 550 pounds. You can also find paracord with 750 and 450 pound breaking strength. Survival bracelets can also have hooks, fishing line, fire starter and other survival gear woven into the braid. You can make hundreds of different Paracord Projects.

Step 1: Survival Bracelets - Instructions

Find Survival bracelet instructions, and learn how to make a Survival bracelet yourself. Pick what Paracord Weave you want to use, Cobra, King Cobra, Viper, Boa, Sidewinder, the King Cobra weave will use the most paracord. Next pick the colors of paracord you want to use, you can use just one color of paracord, or make a 2 color survival bracelet. Now your read to pick your paracord buckle, you can go with a plastic side release buckle the come in a variety of colors. Or you can go with a metal adjustable paracord buckle.

Step 2: Survival Bracelets - Uses

Survival Bracelets have many uses, every thing to making a shelter, to a fishing line. Your can use paracord to make a shelter by tying the sticks together, make traps and snares, tie down a truck load. Take out the center strings and tie them together to make a fishing strings. Use Paracord to make a bow fire starter, a trip line, or wrap paracord on your knife handle for extra grip. Learn the different Paracord Bracelet Patterns.

Step 3: Survival Bracelet

Get Paracord, design a Custom Paracord Bracelet, or Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet, Paracord Keychain, and other Paracord Projects. You can add a Flatline or Tracer to your Survival Bracelet. Flatline, is a piece of paracord with the center strings taken out, then its braided into the top of the Survival Bracelet. Tracer, is a piece of micro Paracord braided along side the outer piece of Paracord. Find more Paracord Bracelet Instructions for all the different weaves.