Introduction: Survival Cocktail Shaker!

Every Xmas my local grocery store buys the gift cocktail sets cheaper than the bottles alone (post-off style) and then they just sell the bottles and have all this left over goodness. Last year I bought 3 of these Wild Turkey stainless steel shakers. My original plan was to use them as a secondary water container for boiling water in my Nagalene bottle which came with its own kit....Well needless to say it was just a skosh too big to drop in my bottle so I just tuked it into my Bug Out Bag.

Once a year I go thru my Bug Out Bag, and make sure that I have everything, and make adjustments to near perishables, as power bars and the like. Saw the shaker and realized not only was it redundant but could server a better purpose elsewhere. So here is a list of what is in the kit, and how it fits together.

Fire making two ways-Storm matches and a magnesium bar with a ferro rod
Knife with 3' of wire wrapped on the handle
folding scissors
roll of duct tape
screwdriver bits & bit handle (the purple thing)
75' of artificial sinew
LED flashlight
Flashing locator beacon with a range of 5 miles
3 compressed towels
fishing kit- 10 lead weights, 5 small hooks 25' of 6lb fishing line 3 lures signalling mirror (lid of the green tube)