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I bought some survival gear on budget and I'v got a nice deal and bought some gear under 15 €.On pictures you can see gas mask that is new for about 7 € and a decontamination kit comes whit a gas mask and a new filter for it I'v made one pouch (decontamination kit one ) and bought one smaller one (for first aid, ammo...) I restored one old flashlight and it is operational.I bought digital camo switchblade for 3 €.The haunting knife was present for B-day and I like it a lot its useful, and it has nice look and it has rope as a grip so I don't need to worry about rope but I always carry about 2 m of rope whit me when I'm in wild.The gas mask for me is a useful because I live near chemical plant and it is effective against tear gas or smoke in case of wild fire.Decontamination kit is helpful you can treat wounds and chemical burns or poisoning after inhaling toxic gas.I also have first bandage (aseptically gauze).

I'm working on the solar power for my house and I will have about 300 W of electricity and it will be used for lighting and diy fridge that I want to make so the supply's stay fresh in case of blackout.And I plane to restore one old gas lantern that I own, and I will share it whit others.

I made this instructable so I can explain to other why I bought something and how can I use it in case of emergency.

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