Introduction: Survival Key Set

Almost everyone over a certain age carries a set of keys with them almost everywhere they go, so why not include some useful tools on your keys that you can use every day in a normal urban setting, or tools that just might have the potential to save your life in an emergency survival situation.

My keys have a fishing kit, sewing kit, litmus paper to test the ph content of water, nail clippers, pain killers, ferrocerium rod with striker, tin opener, handcuff key, pliers, screwdrivers, container full of alcohol gel saturated cotton, container stuffed with dry cotton, trolley tokens, UK legal knife, bottle opener, spare chain link and most importantly, the keys to my house, though, I have removed the important keys from the set because they can be easily copied from the images.

It is a good idea not to make your keys too bulky, I have had to remove things in the past because my keys were too cumbersome, as I find more things to add to them, I may find myself removing less important items. They should fit comfortably in one hand.

I am interested to see how creative people can get with their keys, please post your images with the "I made it" button to show the world what interesting things you keep on your key-ring. Don't forget, It isn't wise to post any images of your actual keys, for your own security, please remove any front door keys or car keys (etc) from your key set for the photos.

Step 1: Use Your Imagination.

These tools can be used for a number of things. With a little imagination, I'm sure you can find things lying around that are just waiting to find a new home on your key set.

The bulk of my keys contain pliers, screwdrivers, knife, torch, a container filled with alcohol gel soaked cotton (for firelighting), an old broken, blue aluminium torch with the head missing which I have stuffed with dry cotton(the alcohol gel doesn't ignite too well without a tiny piece of dry tinder too), trolley tokens, a tin opener with bottle opener, nail clippers, a ferrocerium rod with striker, a spare chain link and a handcuff key.

Step 2: Survival Container.

This my own take on Akinventor's "World's smallest DIY survival kit" Instructable.

It contains 4x extra extra strong painkiller tablets (4 moderate or 2 severe doses), 8x codeine tablets (4 mild doses or 2 moderate doses), 4 barbed fishing hooks, 5 split shots, about 10 feet of (don't get mono line, get braided) 50lb braided fishing line wrapped around a panel pin (with a 90degree bend at the very tip to prevent it from unravelling), 2 magnets, a sewing needle, litmus paper for testing the ph content of water and a barbed fishing hook attached to paracord lure.

This is a very useful kit to have with you at all times.

Step 3: Step 3 Is Only Here Because, for Some Reason I Can't Seem to Delete This Step Using the Editor.

So I will use it to say, This is my first Instructable and I hope I can make many more interesting items for the community to enjoy making and improving upon.