Introduction: Survival Kit 101

Hey guys Supreme_Survival here with my first Instructable.

So you want to be, or are a survivalist (Prepper) and you either want to get started or improve your kit.

Step 1: Kit Bag

Firstly, there are a number of different bags you can choose from including a Bergen, a Patrol Pack, a Holdall or even a general hiking bag.

My preferences is an Army Bergen because they are tough, durable and have been used since the Second World War. At this moment in time I use the 'Bundeswehr German Army Combat Rucksack' which is a copy-cat of the original because I don't have much money at the moment.

However the backpack that I would suggest for beginners is my one and if you have been Preparing for quite awhile I would suggest purchasing the Berghaus Crusader 90+20 Rucsac. This is because it is a modular system which means you can incorporate extra MMPS pockets.

Here's the web address for the Berghaus Crusader 90+20 Rucsac:

Equipment that you will need inside your pack will include; a mess kit, a steel or aluminium water bottle, some goggles (NOT SWIMMING), extra clothes, your sleep system, any tools you require and a First Aid Kit.

Step 2: Sleep System + Accessories

Next, you will also need something to sleep whether it's a hammock or a tent.

I prefer a hammock and I use the DD Scout Hammock however there won't always be somewhere for you to pitch your hammock in a bug out situations so here are two suggestion on tents.

1: Yellowstone Matterhorn 1 person Tent- £19.78

This is a 1 person tent which is relatively small so your pack won't fit inside, it can also be pitched in minutes and weighs in at 1.5kg.

2: Coleman Cobra 3 Three Person Backpacking Tent- £98.49

This tent can fit 3 men and is of a lot higher quality compared to the Yellowstone tent, the size also means you could fit two people and two packs inside the tent. However is does come at a cost in weight, weighing in at 2.9kg.

As well as, tents you will also need a sleeping bag and in my opinion I would pick a more expensive one in first place because it last longer and save you money down the line.

I would suggest the Snugpak Special Forces Complete System Sleeping Bag because it consist of two sleeping bags that can be zipped together or used seperately. However it does cost a high price at £249.28+ £5.90 P&P, unless you can find a good deal on Ebay.

You may also want to get a bivvy bag in case you stuck out in the wilderness after setting up your tent. This are bright orange in colour and can cost as little as £3.49+ P&P.

Step 3: Tools/Weapons

This what most people look forward to when creating their very own Bug out Bag (BOB) or Get Home Bag (GHB).

Firstly you will need a knife that is just for food whether your preparing or eating, I would suggest the 'Mora Robust Bushcraft Heavy Duty Knife Waterproof Matches & Sharpener Set', I'm not a fan of Mora knives because they don't look the strongest or most reliable however i have heard many a good things about them and this set only costs 17 Quid and 49 pence.

The next item that you will be is either a multi-tool or a Penknife, I would pick a multi-tool because they are generally sturdy and usually contain more tools, I suggest the Leatherman Wave if your going down the Multi-tool path and a Victorinox Camper if you would refer a Penknife.

Next, I would think about acquiring a machete, hatchet or preferably both my favourites are the SOG American Tomahawk which surprise, surprise I've only been able to find on American sites however they do ship to the UK for a £15 shipping cost but if you want a machete a would pick the Zombie Killer Machete because its blade is around 3-5 inches longer than a regular machete.

You may also want a folding shovel and hammer which I would totally understand.

Now onto the WEAPONS:

Firstly, onto Ranged Weapons which are hard to come by in the UK due to the Strict Gun Laws. However don't be tempted to go out and by an Airsoft gun, Yes they can pass through a human skull but not a zombie skull.

#1: Bow 'n' Arrow: I would suggest buying a compound bow which are more expensive than a recurve however they are usually a lot more powerful. I would suggest you also purchase Aluminium arrows which are the middle price range and also a Quiver.

#2: Crossbow: We have all seen Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead's crossbow and if you want that one be prepared to fork out £999.97 worth of your hard-earned cash. However you can also purchase a 200lb Jaguar crossbow from for around £250.

#3: Throwing Weapons: I wouldn't suggest these unless you have a lot of time, patience and accuracy because throwing knives and axes takes along time to master.

#4: Air Rifle/Pistol: These are by far my favourite weapons because you can purchase rifles for as little as £75 and you can purchase 500 for £5. However my favourites are the Pump Rifles because you can buy ones that are designed to look like real weapons and if pointed a realistic Scar-H or M4 at someone they would leave quickly. As well as this you can also buy Air Pistol that look like 1911's, Glocks and Uzi's. These can be clip loaded to fire .177 steel ball bearings or have a catch on the top and load normal .22 rounds that are used in most AirRifles apart from Replica PCP one's that fire .177 steel ball bearings.

Secondly, CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapons.

#1: Knives: These come in a variety of types including under 3" non-locking folding knives which are legal carry in the UK. However you can also purchase Sheath Knives, Neck Knives and Locking Knives which are legal to own but illegal to have in public unless you have a valid reason, which doesn't include Self-Defense.

#2: Swords/Katana's: These two are a lot more intimidating and someone wouldn't want to attack you if you're wielding a Broad Sword or a Double-Edged Katana. I would prefer a katana because it is significantly lighter than a Sword and therefore easier to swing and move around with.