Introduction: Survival Kit

This is my survival kit. You can also use items simular.

Step 1: Kit

My kit

Step 2: Blanket

For warmth

Step 3: Water

Incase of no imediate water source

Step 4: 2 Piece Fishingple

Smalll and helpful for food

Step 5: Lantern

Batterypowerd lantern for light

Step 6: Sport Tape

For injurys sprains and to help out for a base

Step 7: Watch

No strap small and compact for time and stopwatch and alarm and waterproof

Step 8: Pocket Knife

If you run outa ammo u can use for hunting or protecting

Step 9: Aloe

For pain relife and healing

Step 10: Pellet Gun

For hunting and defence

Step 11: Tackle Kit

Some hooks and fake bait for fishing

Step 12: Firestarter

Tissuees to help start fire

Step 13: Bible

To stay close to god

Step 14: Kit Redy

The final look

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