Introduction: Urban Survival Kit Inside a Pill Bottle

Hey guys!

This instructable was made for the purpose of surviving while being compact. I wanted to make a kit that would be no bigger than a pill bottle because a pill bottle can fit in the pocket and is durable enough to withstand most aspects of nature. This kit is more of an urban survival kit than a wilderness one.

Step 1: Whats Inside

The contents of this survival kit are:

  • Pencil: For making quick notes
  • Plastic bag: Used to hold the medicines inside the kit so that they are less affected by water
  • 2 Flosspicks: For picking teeth
  • 2 Q-Tips: For cleaning ears
  • Money: For food, water, or any other needs
  • Pill Bottle: To hold contents of kit. This bottle is also wrapped in electrical tape just in case you need to bandage something up. Can be replaced with duct tape if you wish
  • Antibiotic Ointment: For cleaning up any scrapes or cuts you get
  • 5 Matches w/ Strike Strip: For starting fires. You can also swap out these matches for strike-anywhere matches or even waterproof matches if you will be in a wet environment
  • Piece of gum: Used either for freshening breath or holding something together
  • 2 Paper Clips: For holding together paper or used as metal wire to hold items together
  • Napkin: To be used as a wipe or as a substitute for gauze. Can be replaced with gauze
  • 3 Antacids: Used for upset stomachs
  • Band-aid: For minor scraps or cuts
  • 2 Ibuprofen: Used as a pain reliever
  • 2 Alcohol Pads: Used as a cleaner for cuts,scrapes, or burns

Things that I wanted to include:

  • Small blade: For cutting things
  • Crayon: Used as a candle or writing utensil
  • Fishing hook w/ line (Thanks gm280 for this recommendation!)
  • Fingernail Clippers

You can add or subtract anything you want from these items but this is what I believe to be important for a kit. This kit is designed for outdoor uses and also general uses if you are out in public like at school or at work.

Step 2: Putting Everything Inside

The hardest part of this kit in my opinion is putting everything inside. I started with the wipes, Band-aid, and the ointment, then put the pencil wrapped with the napkin and money next. Then I put the Antacids, Ibuprofen, and paper clips in the cap section which made more room for stuff inside the bottle. Finally I put the gum, Q-Tips, matches w/ strike strip, and flosspicks last. Every time I put something inside this bottle something shifted which made it hard to keep everything in place.

Step 3: Conclusion

After all of that, the kit is finished. Fairly simple to do and will only take you a max of 15 minutes to do. Hope you enjoy!

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