Introduction: Survival Knife Sheath

Ok I made this sheath after a roller coaster of emotions after purchasing a Schrade SCHF10.

First of all what a knife ....and for not a lot of money ....I've got other knives 2x the price of this one and they don't come close.

The Disappointment was the sheath .... Don't get me wrong it's not as bad as some make out but I prefer the Scout Sheath to wear.

So I looked into kydex.... As it was my first time using opposed to leather. A lot of the info says you need presses, jigs, precise measurement and although you probably end up with retail products, I just want to say you don't NEED all this stuff.

If you've got an oven, 4 tea towels, a multi tool, a Dremel and some patience you can make something like this.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Oven 100/120C
Oven tray (upside down)
4 Teatowels ( act as press)
Multi tool with saw ( although a jigsaw would make it easier)
Dremel (with small grinding bit)
Kydex (1.3 mm sheet -main sheath)
Kydex (0.75 mm sheet - cover sheath)
Paracord (more use than a rivet and looks better)
And any bits you want to put on it ( I put a button compass, fire striker, shot gun capsule (containing fat wood, mini fish kit, hooks, weights, puritabs), mini torch)

Due to the fact I was not initially going to do an instructable the first few photos are of a thicker sheath I made (3mm - too thick) and there is a lack of photos of the second skin ... But trust me it's is relatively simple.

Step 2: Heat It

Pop your main sheath part (1.5mm) in the oven 120c for couple of mins on the upside down cooking tray (just easier to get it off)

Step 3: At the Ready

Get your tea towels and knife at the ready... Two on the bottom and two to press down ....although the 2nd one I made I just used a pair of tea towels.

Step 4: Fold It....Watch It It's Hot

Kydex out on the Tea towels portrait .... Knife in the middle (I like to make sure there's a good covering of kydex over the handle of the knife as it allows for a better grip on the knife and it allows you to put retention clips on).... Fold kydex over with other two Tea towels on top ... Hold for a moment it will cool and set

NB it if goes wrong (kydex the thicker kydex is forgiving) pop it back in to reheat. And you can start from scratch again.

Step 5: Shape It

Mark you shape out ... Pencil is fine .... I like to make the sheath double depth... You can fit all sorts on it.

Step 6: Cut It

Multi tool works well... But a jigsaw would too just be careful!

Step 7: Smooth It

Wet n dry 240 -320 is good
Now have a look and decide how you want it to look.

You can follow the contours. Place your items with blue tack.

Shape the 0.75mm kydex with scissors (before heating) on the backside of the sheath where your belt will go through and few will see, leave lots of kydex, in fact that whole side of the sheath I usually cover with this second thinner coat. And don't Forget this thinner coat has to go over the bridge of the knife and the main kydex sheath.

Dremel any holes you need...compass... Torch buttons .... Steel..... In the front .....

No need to do paracord holes yet

Pop the kydex in the oven....WATCH this thinner stuff it turns quick and spoils easier.

Step 8: Mould It

Quickly Mould it over your parts ..... Readjust them if required.... And fold over the back and press til cool.

Wait .... Trim any edges at the back.

Remove this second jacket

Glue any parts on now (gorilla glue/areldite) I just glued the compass on. Torch was left loose just incase a new battery was required.

Dremel any belt loops

Step 9: Reheat It

Reheat kydex carefully .... This time when you mould it and press it have something you can thread through the dremelled belt loops to give them shape ... A thin slat of wood works or a vacuum nozzle!

Step 10: Dremel It

Dremel paracord holes ... Make sure you get key hold points on the front ... ie getting the second layer stitched in and even spacing for aesthetics.

Step 11: Add a Belt

I used a Blackhawk rigger belt paracorded of course! With approx 80 foot 550 cord.

Just a quick note on why I prefer scout carry....

Ease of one hand access
Easy Concealment
Doesn't get in the way when sat in car or sat down
Can be worn at side with a quick spin of the belt.

Finally be bold, design your unique sheath and enjoy!