Introduction: Survival Life Gear Flash Light

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The flash light I keep in my bag just in case.
The things you'll need.
x1 Life gear Flashlight
x1 Clothes Pin(Just in case really)
5 yards of paracord
3 AA batteries for the flash light
 I'm thankful I've never had to use it. You might want to add your own items because I just threw these items together before school had started. I really think you should probably add a small pocket knife and a lighter, but since I bring this to school I decided not to. I don't know how much the flashlight costs but i know it can be found in Home Depot. Parcord can be found in your military surplus store. I took it apart to make an instructable. I hope you vote for me in the be prepared contest, thanks. Keep in mind I'm young so please don't be rude.

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