Introduction: Survival Minnow Trap

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Survival minnow trap out of a soda bottle.

What you need:

-soda bottle
-hole punch
-razor blade
-strong rope

Step 1: Soda Bottle

Remove the sticker on your bottle. If you can't tear it off use the razor blade to cut a line down the middle.

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle

Find a lump on the bottlewhere the plastic sticks out and then thins about 1/3 of the way down and mark the points with your marker at the same level around the bottle. Then cut along the line with your razor blade. CAREFULLY PLEASE!

Step 3: Stapling

Put the top portion inside the bottom like a funnel with the bottom touching the top of the other half. Staple them together.

Step 4: Adding the Rope

Hole punch the top of of the bottle in one place so that you can loop some 10 ft of rope through it. Tie off the rope so it stays attatched to the bottle. After this you can put some bait in, tie it to a tree and make sure it sinks by filling it with water. You are ready to catch some minnows!

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