Introduction: Survival Power and Fire Aid Kit

Let me show you how to build a kit like this .

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

1:old power bank.
2:led head light.

3:heating wire 0.17mm thick and 50mm long that comes to 3.5 Ohm .

4:3d printed fire can .

5:Slide switch .

Step 2: Testing If We Can Make Anything Purn !!

And as you can see it worked at the end , you have to make sure that your power bank can provide

enough power to make the wire heats up.

Step 3: Almost Done

After 3d printing the box and the cover , extend the power bank level indicator PCB wires , glue the slide switch , soldering the VCC and Ground wires from the USB output pins connect the ground to LED ground and the VCC to the switch mddle pin to the LED via a variable resistor for current limiting it is time for testing :)

Step 4: Does It Work ?

Yes it does :)

Step 5: Final Look

Step 6:

Step 7:

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