Introduction: Survival Throwing Spear!!

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hey guys today i wanted to show you how i made this awesome spear from parts i literally got for free!

Step 1: Materials

alright so to start this project your going to need a circular saw blade, a broom replacement handle, a pipe that fits snugly over the broom handle (about 4 1/2 inches/12-13 cm long), a template for your spear head (i would try to make sure that the tang of the spear head is about (2-2 1/2 /5 cm long), some two part epoxy and some heavy duty screws.

Step 2: The Spear Head

i glued the spear head template on to the saw blade and then cut and ground out the shape of the head, make sure you keep the metal cool so the spear head stays hard (we are working with hardened steel)

Step 3: Polishing and Bevelling

Next i gave the head a good polish with a flap disk and i ruffed up the tang so the glue could grip to it better, then i gave it a really steep bevel on my grinding wheel again trying to keep the steel cool.

Step 4: Handle Preparation

i marked how far the tang would fit into the spear head with a sharpie then i sawed down the centre of the handle a little bit deeper than my mark so my spear head fit snugly.

Step 5: Putting Together

Next i put the metal tube on the broom handle and then the spear head in its grove , after that i slid the pipe so it covered most of the tang. this is what your spear will look like once glued so make any modifications here.

Step 6: Glue N Screw

I then dissembled the spear and covered everything with two part epoxy before putting it back together again, then clamp it in a vice for 24 hours, after you have waited drill four pilot holes through the pipe and the tang of the spear, when you screw in the screws leave some of the head and tail pocking out both ends and grind both ends off so its flush with the pipe.

Step 7: Sanding

Then give the whole thing a once over with some sand paper, and you finished!!! now go spear a wild bear for me XD

Step 8: Finished Product

Step 9: Video Tutorial

this is a video tutorial on how to build the spear if your interested!