Introduction: Survival Penny Stove

-2 soda cans
-small nail
-tin snips
-heat resistant sealant
-small needle nose pliers
-fiber glass
-denatured alcohol
-2 blocks of wood one slightly bigger
- Place sharpie on larger block of wood and twist the soda can around it to create perfect line around the can place the second block of wood on top and do the same thing to the second can.
-Punch hole into the can above the line and cut around the can repeat the same process w/ the second can. Keep the bottoms of the can and disregard the tops. Be precise as possible when cutting around the line.
-File down any rough edges
-Mark holes w/ sharpie on the bigger half of can 1 mark in the middle of the divot and four around it make sure a penny could cover all five holes. Now mark hole on the edge of the can approximately 16 holes evenly spaced.
-Take the hammer and nail and punch out all of the holes do not crush the can and small holes.
-Now take smaller half and crimp the edge w/ needle nose pliers only about 1/8 down the can.
-place fiber glass inside the one of the cans and pack it in. Then put the two ends on top of each other and file out any rough edges
-Place sealant around the two cans and wait 24 hours for sealant to dry.
-Fill the penny stove w/ the denatured alcohol then light the alcohol and place the penny over the five holes in the middle.
-Now you should have your very own fully functional survival penny stove!