Survival Pick Axe/hatchet/weapon

Introduction: Survival Pick Axe/hatchet/weapon

This is the tool you can easily make in a survival situation

Step 1: The Parts

You need:

2 pieces of different sized metals
A length of wire(any kind)
Some pliers

Step 2: Put Together

First put the smaller metal at the 'top' then wrap around to your preferred tightness

Step 3: Completion

Now, using the pliers, squeeze the wire together, and your done! Now go and SURVIVE!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    2 issues i see with this tool are: 1, its not been sharpened, and 2, its not heavy enough to do any real chopping of wood let alone an attacker.

    its also kinda flimsy looking. im not being mean or anything. just pointing out some things that should be addressed if it was needed in a survival situation ;)

    The handle can be anything, even a stick (is its strong enough) but the head should have a little weight to it or at least be sharp enough to function as an axe. and be affixed well to the stick.

    if u have any Flint where you live check out how stone tools are made. and if you try to make some Wear Eye Protection! and be careful. its a tool you are making and not a weapon.