Introduction: Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse

A lot of zombie survival instructables say dumb things that will get someone killed. Even if it is a joke your house could be attacked by people on drugs, what then? So I decided to make my own instructable on how to survive zombies (or drug addicts). Also before we start, I know that the zombie apocolypse  probably won't happen. I'm not that kind of person (you ALL know that kind of person).

Step 1: How to Kill a Zombie

Killing a  zombie is fairly simple, you must destroy it's brain. This can be done in many different ways (see next steps).

Step 2: Weapons

-A primary rifle

an obvious weapon choice, however choosing the right one is the challenge.

Personally would choose the M14, it is acurrate, simple, and as for weight i'm sure it's nothing I can't handle

-A pistol

Small, light, and simple weapon to clean

I would chose either a hushpuppy or an M1911 (or both). The hushpuppy is nearly silent with a supressor, but a small magazine of 7 rounds makes it to small to fend off a hord. The M1911 has a regular sized magazine and good stopping power.

- short hand melee weapon

small, fairly light, and very affective against the undead

 I would bring a hatchet. It can be used as a weapon, a chopping tool, and the butt of the hatchet can be used as a hammer

-A katana

Cuts through bone like butter

But lets be honest, where am I going to get a KATANA, a  machete or a kukri would be a good substitute


Fire is an important asset in your apocolypse survival arsenal. But you need to know how to use it, don't just throw it at a couple of zombies. Use it only on the run from a horde. once you throw it you will have light the zombies on fire (obviously). Now another problem surfaces. THEY'RE ON FIRE!! This is a simple problem to fix, just make sure that they don't touch you or anything flammable. Any tissue on their body will burn away within a few minutes. They can be packaged in a bag stuffed with rags or tissues


small, useful, and lethally precise,

A trench knife was designed to punch through steel helmets, perfect.


not as accessable to the average civillian as other items on this list but it is possible to get one if you know the right people. (cops, military personnel, rambo, etc..) good for dispersing hordes but the odds of the shrapnel hitting the brain is slim


silent and deadly in the right hands


a gun is nothing without its bullets

at least 500 rounds of primary rifle ammunition

at least 200 rounds of pistol ammuniion

at least a full quiver of arrows/bolts 

Step 3: Other Useful Things

Other things that could be useful in the zombie apocolypse


-bungee cord

-duct tape (solves the worlds problems

-rope (and a basic knowledge of knot tying)

-wallet (with money)

-safety knife (glass breaker, seat belt cutter, half serrated blade)

-multi tool

-first aid kit

- strike anywhere matches (or a strike on box matches)

-flint and steel


-entrenching tool

-poncho (can be used as a temporary shelter)

-a rubix cube and playing cards (for entertainment)

Gather up a bunch of your friendsd and family to bring with you. Make sure that everyone has a useful skill. growing plants, shooting, archery skills, wilderness survival, even knitting.

Step 4: Zombie Proofing Your Home

There are several steps to zombie proofing your home

1. board the windows completely and make sure that no light comes through

2. destroy the stairs, zombies can't climb

3. block off all doors

4. fill up all sinks and bathtubs to create an adequete water system (just before the zombies get to your house)

5. stock up on food; grow tomatoes, stock up the pantry, grow animals (keep them isolated from any and all infection)

Step 5: Vehicles

Many normal civilian vehicles are a bad idea to keep in a zombie apocolypse.  They are loud, and almost no . Also the roads are going to be backed up with cars that still have half eaten corpses strapped in their seat belts. When looking for a vehicle, look for something with off road capabilities.

A jeep would be a good choice for its of road capability and carrying capacity, it can be easily modified with hillbilly armor or a gun.

Most pickup trucks don't have off road capabilities, but has good storage space and can easily be modified with a cabin in the bed or a gun.

Like the flatbed, a minivan has no offroad capabilities but has a great carrying capacity. It can also be modified with guns.

Step 6: Have a Plan

Always know what your going to do in the event of the Zombie apocolypse. Knowledge is the greatest weapon.