Introduction: Sushine Skateboard

I made a model skateboard.The skateboard is designed to put you in a good mood.It can bring a happy mood when you drive forward or jump on the skateboard.Hope you have a pleasant use of the process.

Step 1: Making the Skateboard Surface

Place a box 130 cm long, 40 cm wide and 1.5 cm high on a working surface.

Step 2: Making the Skateboard Tail

Put a circular dome with a radius of 20 cm and a height of 1.5 cm on the working surface,and flip it 90 degrees forward and 90 degrees to the right.Then bend it up 14 degrees to make skateboard look cool.Make another copy and rotate it 180 degrees.

Step 3: Combine the Board Surface and the Board Tail Into a Base Board

Place and align the board surface and tail at the same height and assemble them.The base board can ensure our safe sliding.

Step 4: Making the Skateboard Holder

Put the square cone-shaped into a cylinder on the working surface ,and set it to 7 cm long ,1 cm wide and 3 cm high,.Then flip it 180 degrees for easier components.

Step 5: Making the Skateboard Axle

Put a cylinder on the working surface and set it to 28 cm high and 0.5 cm radius.Then flip 90 degrees to the right.

Step 6: Making the Skateboard Wheel

Put a wheeel on the working surface, set it to 2 cm long and 2 radius.Then copy it.

Step 7: Combine the Above Parts Together

Align and combine skateboard parts.Make the skateboard move smoothly.

Step 8: Combine the Base Board and Skateboard Parts

The perfect combination makes skateboard more cool and easy to use.

Step 9: Add the Skateboard Element

1.There is a "now jump" word on the skateboard. It means let's start skateboarding and jumping.

2.There are two blue stripes on the skateboard .Blue symbolizes vitality. The lines follow the slide to show a sense of vibrancy.

3.There is also a star on the skateboard.There are many stars in the night sky.Hopefully when you use a skateboard you become your brightest star.

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