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Introduction: Suspended Shelf

inspired by suspension bridges from around the globe I have decided to build my own model.

I have used only fishing wire to hang the shelf and stable it to the wall.

the shelf is not touching the supporting column.

Step 1: Step 1 : Matirials

1. 100*25*2.8 piece of wood to be the shelf

2. 4*4*60 piece of wood to be the column

3. 0.45mm thick fishing wire

4. wood nuts

5.hidden wall hanger

6. drill capable to drill 127mm hole

Step 2: Step 2 : Wood Work

drill the main hole where the column is located using the 127 mm cup

drill the small holes were the fishing wire is located.

cut the column ends

sand and wax it all nice and tight

connect the wall hanger to the column and hang it to on the wall

hang the shelf using the fishing wire and the wood nuts - that is the hardest part of the process. make sure all wires are in tension. see schema -

green dot - wire goes above the shelf

red dot - wire goes bellow the shelf

red and green both way

Step 3: The Shelf

As you can see in the video the shelf is stable for light loads only. more wires can be added to stiffen the structure if the expected loads are significant.

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    2 years ago

    I LOVE your design and idea here! Humble suggestion: maybe use the 3rd picture of the intro step as your cover picture? With the current cover picture, you just can't tell what it is (and therefore it is less likely to get clicks). I hope you consider this so everyone can see your amazing design! Good luck in the contest. Blessings :)