Introduction: Suspending Table

I would like to share my project with you ... the story begins, when the old, cheap table, i once found thrown out, broke. I was in a kind of dilema, should i buy a new table or should i try to build one. being a instructable-concept-fan, the choice was obvious, so i decided to build my own.

I liked the glass table top, so i wanted to keep it, the legs i decided that they should be made out of wood.

My goal was to use the material i have, so i had some wood laying around, and some plastic strips.

Step 1: Drawing the Patterns

I decided that the legs should have some kind of wavy pattern, they should be interlocating and no direct fixation should be between them.

I dintd really made some advanced measurement, i just draw the pattern on a cardboard, and adjusted the curves on the go, until i got the correct shapes. So no leg would touch the other.

Step 2: Cutting the Wooden Legs

The drawings from the cardboard was then transferred to the wood. as i only had planques, the matched the drawing to the dimentions of the wood.

In my second attempt, i bought a big sheet of wood, it was much cleaner and easier to work with, than the wood planques

Step 3: Cutting and Glueing the Legs

the wooden parts then cutted with a saw, and glued together and sanded.

Step 4: Table Legs

after getting the legs ready. I had to measure the middle of the curves, so i used a thread to do that.

Aften getting the centrum, i made holes throw the leg pieces with 5 cm space inbetween

Step 5: Making It Look Right

After testing at every leg is the way it should be. And looked the way i wanted it.

IMPORTANT : It is important that the center of the curves meet each other, it means that the middel of the top curve and the middle of the curve at the bottom should be at on each other.

Step 6: Fixing the Legs Together

Then the hard work begins !.

to make the work easier for you, "flip the table" upside down, and fix it to a big wooden plate. And then alternate fixing the legs together with the plastic strips. It is important not to tighten them to start with.

When all the strips are in place, tighten them, loosen then table form the board and flip it again. adjust the strips, and then trim them.

Step 7: Looks Good !

as seen in the picture, thats how it looked at the end.

Step 8: The Finished Table

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