Introduction: Swan Paper Craft

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This instructable will give you the step by step to create your swan out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your swan could be used to illustrate a character from literature, TV, movies and games.

This is a easy and cheap creation to add to any classroom lesson.  Anyone younger than first grade will need more than one day of work, and pre-cut items might be helpful.  Anyone younger than 2th grade you may want to break the lesson up.  Do not fear, any K-12 grade level can be successful with this, you just might need to modify what steps they do.  Pre-cutting templates for instance might be helpful.  Working in small groups may be a good idea.  You name it modifications can be made and I'm more than happy to help you come up with those modification. :)

Please see my other paper craft instructables for other ideas as well:

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Lesson Ideas:

Geography (where folk/fairy tale originated from, where they were written...learning the continents, oceans)

Learning about birds and migration

Following basic directions

Following a pattern

Learning how to write expository text, narrative, instructional text

Art lesson for any season

Puppet theater

Learning new key words (these can very from lesson to lesson)


I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for lessons!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed:

Paper (Construction Recommended)
Glue (Elmers)

Materials Recommended But Not needed:

Paper Clips
Permanent Marker (many colors or one)
Hole Punch
White Out
Tooth Pick
Exact Knife

Paper is not the only way this gal could be made, some other thoughts on what you could create this guy out of are listed below:

Paper mache
You name it you could likely use it!

Step 2: Cut Out the Templates

Open up the PDF, print out and cut out all of your templates needed for your little gal.

I had some old school templates left to me by a former school teacher long ago, I've modified them to make creating this paper craft easier.  This basic design can be used and changed to make other characters.  (The swan could wear a crown, you could change it just a little to make a turkey....and so on.  As I work on creating those and different bells and whistles, I'll post those instructions as well.

Step 3: Body

Take a piece of construction paper the color you want your swan.  I chose white. 

Cut the paper to 5 1/2" X 13"

Put glue on the short side of the paper and roll it together.  Use paper clips to hold it into place.

Step 4: Swan Head

Take your swan head template and fold  a piece of white construction paper (or the color of your choice)  Lay the swan on the fold where you see the label.  Cut out the swan head/neck.

Now take a piece of orange construction paper.  Fold it in half and cut out the bill.  (You can use another color if you choose)

Now it's time to cut out the swans eye lashes.  Take a piece of black construction paper and cut out two eyes using the template.

Glue the eyes on each side of the head and the bill to either side of the head as well.

Step 5: Wings

Take two pieces of white (or color of your choice) wigs and cut the out from the pattern.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Take your cylinder and cut 1" slits around 2" apart on the top of the cylinder and insert the swans neck.

If you have part of it sticking up because you got in a hurry like I did and guessed at your measurements do not worry!  Cut the tab so you can fold it.  Glue it down to the swans body. 

I decided I wanted the swans head glued together, however I got heavy handed with the glue.  A good rule of thumb and to use with children.

Dot Dot not a lot.  A little glue goes a long way. 

If you find that your body is to long you can trim it down.  You can also make any little trimmings if you don't think things match quite up.

Step 7: The End

I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Keep your eye on me for more to come!

Remember You can choose any color paper you like, you might also want to use white paper and color the paper using crayons.  Just make sure you color before gluing.

I would love to see your paper swan and hear of his/her adventures.  Feel free to ask questions I will do my best to help you out and keep your eye out for more paper crafts from me to come!
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