Introduction: Sweatshirt Jacket

this jacket can be made from old sweatshirts that need a new life

Step 1: Recycle and Keep Warm

Use two sweatshirts of the same size

Step 2: Cut the Sweatshirts Down the Front Center

Step 3: Place the Sweatshirts Right Sides Together

Step 4: Pin Edges and Sew Leaving Neck Open

turn the jacket to the right side and topstitch edges
you can sew the neck closed at this time


Step 5: Embellish

You can embellish anyway you choose.I chose to use chalk to create a quilt pattern
 It may be easier to ad patches etc before  you sew the sweatshirts together

Step 6: Finishing

I followed the chalk lines using white thread on the navy side and and in the bobbin I used navy.
The pattern is easy and the jacket is very warm when you turn down the heat in the house a degree or two to save energy

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