Introduction: Swedish Almond Forms

About: I'm a Swedish girl who makes food Instructables. I like to read books, play video games, play guitar, work out, cook, run, fika, play sports, listen to music, ABBA of course.

This is a ground form to get creative with. It's based on almond paste and it's a luxurious, old fika you only get at special events. They are great for parties with a lot of people.

Step 1: Ingredients

*Oven at 200°C, 392°F. Baking time:39 minutes
*A Bowl
*1.7 cups of Flour
*0.2 cups of sugar
*200 grams of Butter
*1 Egg
*A Tree spoon
*200 grams of Almond paste
*A Shredder
*Cupcake paper forms
*A Baking sheet

Step 2: Heat Oven

Put it on 200°C, 392°F.

Step 3: Flour

Add 1.7 cups of flour into the bowl.

Step 4: Sugar

Add 0.2 cups of sugar.

Step 5: Butter and Egg

Soften 200 grams of butter in the microwave for 30 seconds and put in to the bowl. Crack 1 egg into the bowl.

Now with the ingredients so far, mix everything with a tree spoon.

Step 6: Almond Paste

Shredd the almond paste into the bowl. Mix it with the tree spoon.

Step 7: Forms

Bring cupcake forms. Mine was in metal so I had to butter them. I really recommend you to use paper forms as they are much easier to remove after baking.

Put a bit of the dough into a cupcake form and press it against the walls and bottom depending how deep you want the forms to be. It should not be pressed as deep as the cupcake paper can be seen.

Place them all on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for 8-10 minutes. When they are done they should look more golden.

Step 8: Done + Extra

When they are done place the whole baking sheet aside for them to cool down a bit.

Remove the cupcake paper forms and they are ready to use.

I put strawberry jam, whipped cream and blueberries and they turned out excellent. You can use different toppings as well. Melted chocolate for example.

And there you have it, good luck!