Introduction: Swedish Christmas Star 2.0

In Sweden we hang christmas stars in our windows, starting on first Advent. With the help of five LEDs the christmas star sends stars all around the ceiling.

Step 1: Making the LED Frame

Use whatever non-conducting material you have for the frame . I had a piece of clear plexi. I used two different hole cutters to make a circular frame. The alternative is to make a five sided frame.

Step 2: Use the Drill

Start by cutting the outer cirle hafway down, then cut out the inner part. Continue with the outer cutout.

Step 3: Mark the Five Positions

Use some kind of measuing tool to get the five (or seven) LED positions correct.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Drill two holes for each LED. I used a 1,5 mm drill. Make one of the holes closer to the edge. Drill two holes for the electric cable, and one hole in the edge of the ring.

Step 5: Put the LEDs in the Holes

Put the shortest leg if the LED in the outer hole and solder the outer legs together.

Step 6: Solder the Resistors

Solder a 330 ohm resistor to the other leg of each LED. Solder all resistors together. The resistor value is not critical, If the forward voltage of the LED is 3 V and you intend to use an old 5 V USB charger (or 4 x 1,2 Ni-MH batteries) then the LED current will be I=U/R = 2/330 = 6 mA

Step 7: Solder the Cable

Solder the cable. +5V to the resistors and ground to the rim. In the photo +5V is silver and ground is copper color. Solder a USB cable if you are going to use a charger. Red is +5 and black is ground.

I added a thin steel wire that is attached to the ring. It is easy to fixate the ring in the right position by rotating the wire (and not the cable). Without the wire it is difficult to position the ring in the plane of the star.

Step 8: The Complete Light

This is the first light I made. It has no steel wire.

Mount the light in a christmas star of your choice. Ensure that the ring is centered and that the LEDs are pointing in the directions of each "leg" of the star.


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