Introduction: Sweeny Todd Smoker

Welcome to this instructable on how to build a Smoker For Sweeny Todd. In this Instructable we will show the steps on how to build a smoker.

Step 1: Research and Planning

Before we started building we had to gather research and photos to help us design and plan the smoker. We used resources such as Pinterest and Google Images to help get an idea of what the smoker should look like. To get an idea of the function and the role that the smoker played in the production, we watched the Boardway version of the production. The Images above are just some of the images that helped us design the shape, style, and color of the smoker. During the planning of the smoker we created a full scale drawing of the smoker on brown drafting paper to get an idea of the foot print that the smoker will have. We also drew a full size scenic view of the smoker out.

Step 2: Materials Needed

Lumber and Building Materials

1. 2 sheets of 4' by 8' 5/8 plywood

2. 8 units of two by fours at 8 feet in length

3. 3 sheets of 4' by 8' 1/2inch plywood

4. 1 sheet of bendiply wood 4/8' 1/2inch thick


1. 2 in Drywall Screws

2. 1 1/4 in Drywall Screws

3. 2 1/2 Drywall Screws

4. 2 1/2 Framing Nails

5. 5/8 Construction Staples

6. 1 5/8 Brad Nails

7. Wood Glue

Step 3: Cutting the Lumber

2 @ 62" tall by 35 10/16" wide this will be sides A1 and A2

1@ 62" tall by 47 15/16" wide this will be side B

1@ 62" tall by 41 15/16"wide this will be side c

2@ 1/2 " ply at 40 3/4" tall by 2" wide this will be side d

1@ 48 1/2" wide by 2 1/16" tall


3@ 32"

2@ 42"

4@ 10"

Step 4: Assemble the Base of the Smoker.

The base of the smoker is built from 2 by 4 material to ensure strength and stability for the actors that will be inside. The frame is head together with glue and 2 1/2 in framing nails. We made sure that the frame was square before the glue had dried. After the frame was square we glued and nailed the false fronts on the frame to dress the smoker up a bit and give it some character.

Step 5: Assembling the Body of the Smoker.

The smoker was built in two stages, the base and body of the smoker. The back and the bottom of the smoker are built out of 1/2 in plywood. The back panels dimensions measure 42in by 62in, the dimensions of the base are 36in by 42in. Both the left and and right side panels are cut out of 5/8 in plywood. The sides are built out of 5/8 in plywood so that we had some material to attach the hinges. We ended up having to add a 1/2 in think and 2in wide furring strip on the front inside edge, to get the extra thickness so that the screws for the hinges had something to grip to. The dimensions of the sides are 35 1/2 in by 62in, there is also two additional 2 by 4 frames that are glued and screwed on the inside of the body for additional support. One frame is located 10in from the bottom of the body and the other is located at the very top to keep the box square and from shifting over time.

Step 6: Paint

Paint was applied to the structure of the smoker. A few weeks before we where finished building we started the process of paint sampling. We agreed as a group that we wanted the smoker to have a rusty look to it. Before we started paint sampling we went back and looked over our research and decided what we wanted for a color and texture. The image above was used as a reference point for our group.

Step 7: Tips

Some tips that we can give from this experience are the Following:

1. Never be afraid to ask for help from others.

2. Always reference your research and plans.

3. Make sure that all time giving is utilized to its full potential.

These are just few tips that we can give you from this building experience. Thank you for viewing this instructable.