Sweet Gourd Jam Puris ( Gharge )

Introduction: Sweet Gourd Jam Puris ( Gharge )

About: Dr Maitreyee Joshi

-Sweet gourd 250 gms
-jaggary 1 cup
-Whole wheat flour
-oil to fry

1) Pressure cook sweet gourd in a cooker.
2) Mash the cooked sweet gourd and put all the jaggary into it. pour the mixture in a microsafe bowl and make a jam from this on micro high for 5 mins
3) Now mix whole wheat flour in this jam until a tough dough is formed. Do not use water so the dough does not become loose.
4) Roll puris out of the dough with a rolling pin
5) Heat oil in a pan and fry the puris to golden colour.
A tasty sweet snack is ready.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    These look tasty, I wonder where I might find Sweet Gourds in the USA?