Introduction: Sweet Potato Stew for the Hungry Who Suffer From Histamine Intolerance

We need only 3 ingredients for this delicious meal: sweet potatoes, onions, salt.

Preparation time (depending on skills): approx. 5 min. Cooking time: about 6 minutes

Histamine intolerance / histaminosis:

Histamine intolerance causes many different symptoms, but they all have in common that the body is put in a kind of alarm state: the heartbeat speeds up, some sweat very hard, the skin turns red in more or less large spots, the whole metabolism is accelerated, some urgently need on the toilet and many, many other symptoms. Since the symptoms are often triggered by the histamines ingested with food, there are lists in which the amount of histamines contained in the individual food is quantified.


When you feel uncomfortable when you have to eat something; if you no longer like to go out to dinner with your friends because you "don't get it" and you cannot follow any conversation for the next few hours, you spend most of your time in the toilet when what your friends eat is "toxic" for you - then you will be happy about a simple and tasty-tasting dish that will not make you sick.

Let's start cooking an extremely low-histamine, wholesome and tasty meal:


Nothing special: a larger knife and peeler

Step 1: ​The Ingredients:

  • 3-4 small or 1-2 large sweet potatoes
  • 1 sweet onion
  • some rapeseed oil
  • coarse salt water

Step 2:

Let's take half a sweet onion and cut it into medium pieces.

Step 3:

Sauté the onions with 1 to 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil and 1 teaspoon of coarse salt in the saucepan with the lid closed over medium-high heat

Step 4:

While the onions are roasting, the sweet potatoes are peeled and cut into cubes.

Gradually add the sweet potatoes to the onions and roast with them.

(Note: The sweet potatoes are difficult to cut, they break apart more under the knife. That is why it is important to hold the knife with two hands: one hand firmly around the handle and the other hand with the palm of your hand on the back of the knife. A thin knife works better here than a thick one.)

Step 5:

Finally add water and cook for about 6 minutes, stir once or twice -

For those who want to have thickened the brew: sweet potato flour or millet flakes are ideal. Millet flakes give the dish its own, slightly nutty, note.

Finished! Gooood Appetite.

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