Introduction: Swing

Welcome you guys! In this tutorial, I will explain how I made my own invented swing - my school project for industrial product design. It's pretty easy to make and - of course - lots of fun. It was my goal to create something different, not just a boring wooden plank with some rope. I hope you enjoy making and using your personal swing as much as I did.

You will be using:

  • some leather (1.50 meters x 1.40 meters)
  • a tube (aluminium)
  • 20 meters of rope
  • 14 cable clamp brackets (or more if you want more than 3 loops in your rope)
  • 2 carabiners (with lock)
  • 2 metal rings (for connecting your carabiners)
  • 2 rings to stab through your leather
  • a hammer
  • a crimper
  • a spanner

Step 1: Leather

Cut out the shape in your leather. You have to cut it out two times. One time for the front, one time for the back. When you're finished, you will have to sew them together.

Do not sew the whole shape at once, because afterwards you need some space to insert your tube. Therefore you have to ensure a passage at the top of the leather as shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Tube

Saw the tube. Do you want to see the tube coming out a little or not? You can choose!

Step 3: First Rope

Cut the rope. Use two ropes of approximately 5 meters. Attach a carabiner at the end of each rope. You can use another cable clamp bracket or a hearty fischerman knot as I did. To prevent the ends of your rope from fraying out, you can burn them a little.

Step 4: Second Rope

This part is the most complicated. When you have inserted the tube in your leather, make sure you can hang your swing somewhere. It's easier to work that way.

First, insert the rest of the rope through the tube and ensure both sides of the tube are the same length. Second, insert the rope through the metal ring, then go to the highest hole in your leather and turn back to the ring. Third, clasp the rope together with cable clamp brackets (as shown in the images). You have to do this to prevent your ring from moving around when you carry your swing with you. Do the same right above the little hole in your leather.

When you did this, you have to do the exact same thing on the other side.

Step 5: Third Rope

Another piece of rope is used mostly for safety and comfort. Insert the third piece of rope through the lowest rings in your leather. Use cable clamp brackets to fasten the rope around the metal rings.

Step 6: Rings

Result: 3 pieces of rope through each ring, all fastened. The knots are not obligated.

Step 7: Snap It

Cross the carabiners through the ring and get ready to swing.

Step 8: Done?

When you finished swinging, you can easily remove the carabiners from the rings. This swing is very easy to carry with you. You only have to roll it up and you're ready to go. All of your rope can be storaged in the rolled up leather.

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