Introduction: Swing

Let's make a swing! In this instructable I will try to explain in few steps how to make a swing. The intention of this instructable is to make a swing, that is portable, in a few easy steps.

It will be a light swing and easy to store.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that we use for this swing are: - a strong rope (I used one of 20m = 2x10m)

- a plank (I used multiplex: 550x150x18)

- a dowel

- sawing machine for sawing the plank and the dowel

- a drill / drill bit that is slightly larger than the rope's width

- information about knots

Step 2: Making the Seat

First of all you draw the shape you want for the seat.

After that you can saw the shape out. After the sawing you can sand down the plank for a smooth finish.

We also need 4 holes (2 on each side of the seat: 80mm from each other) in the plank that you can put the rope through.

I used a rope with a width of 6mm, so I drilled the holes in the seat with a 7,5 mm drill.

Step 3: The Dowel

Be sure that the length of the dowel is the same as the length of the seat.

Now you drill 2 holes that are at the same distance from each other than the holes in your seat (now the ropes has an equal space between them). The holes must be 7,5mm holes because the breadth of the rope is 6mm (same reasen as whit the seat).

Make a notch on each side of the dowel so the rope can attach him to the dowel.

Now finish it whit a piece of sandpaper. So its going to be extra dulcet.

Step 4: The Ropes

I used 2 ropes of 10 metres. The most important thing to think about is the hight of three you use.

In the 2 ropes you make a several knots. You use several knots so you can vary in several hights. Be sure the knots are on the same level at both ropes, otherwise it will be a leaning swing.

How to make a knot: - make a loop

- take the upper part en put it over the rest of the loop

- put the upper part of the loop and put it in de cirkel you see in the third picture

- make sure the knot is fixed

Step 5: Connect the Ropes in the Dowel

For connecting the rope you put it through the holes you have made in the dowel. Than just make an easy knot (as on the sketch). This knot is called the half hitch. So the rope can't escape anymore through the holes.

Step 6: Connect the Ropes in the Seat

First put the rope through one of the 2 holes on 1 side, than through the other one.

If you have done this you have to make an knot in the rop as seen before. We wil use this for connecting whit the dowel.

Step 7: Testing

Now you just have to throw the dowel about a bough of a three. Put the dowel through one of the knots (the knot you use matters on the hight of the bough).Now take place on the seat and enjoy.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You can make this in a few hours. Most of the work goes to the knots, because they have to placed on exactly the same level. Otherwise the swing will hang skew.

    The seat also takes a little time, if you want a nice finished plank.