Introduction: Swing

How to make a portable swing that weighs less than 5 kg, you can hang up the swing and store it easily again without using a ladder.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

The required materials:

- wooden shelves
width: 66mm
height: 12mm

- pp Multi braindrope black/white 6mmx20m

- carabiner hook Sink 80mm

- D-closing ring stainless steel 8mm

- 14 black straps

The required tools:
- a meter
- a pencil
- a saw
- a drill
- sandpaper

Step 2: Sawing the Shelves & Drilling of the Holes

You have to make sure that you obtain 7 shelves with a length of 42cm.

For drilling use a drill with 8mm diameter, the rope has a diameter of 6 mm, but you have to take a bit wider so that the rope easily gets through the holes. (step 3)

In every shelf there should be 4 holes, one hole in each corner, 15mm of the edge.

In one shelf there should are 6 holes, 4 in each corner (15 mm of the edge), and two in the middle of the shelf 15 mm of the edge, 3 mm from each other.

Step 3: Slide the Rope Through the Shelves

You start with the rope to slide into each shelf from bottom to top and from top to bottom ensure that there is place between each shelf.

The shelf with the six holes should be last, when you get to this shelf you use the same method (from bottom to top, from top to bottom) but you will ensure that in the middle you leave a loop (you don't pull the rope all the way through ) then you go on and slide the rope through each hole.

You make sure that you certainly have about 2m rope over when you complete this step.

If you don't want your rope fraying , put some tape on the end of the rope.

Now use the straps and bind along each side of your shelf on the end a strap. This is necessary for the firmness of the shelves.

Step 4: Tie the Ropes Together

Now you have two strings coming out of the shelves, a short and a long.

The long rope will be used to throw on a branch and the short rope should go to the loop in the bottom shelf.
You make with the two ropes a loop, you must ensure that the two strings have the same length otherwise your swing will hang crooked.

Now there will are four strings out of the loop, 2 hanging on to your shelves, a long and a short rope. Go with the short rope to the shelf in your loop and tie the rope to the loop with a regular knot.

Step 5: The Making of the Loops

Make in the long rope approximately every 25 cm small loops.

Step 6: How Do I Set My Swing?

Throw the long rope over a branch, choose an appropriate height and hook the two loops together with the carabiner hook.

Step 7: Swing!

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