Swing Cow

Introduction: Swing Cow

When I look at traditional swings, I think of them as quite boring objects. So I made a more fancy one, a swing that will make people laugh.

It's a light and portable swing, also very easy so set up.

The following steps will guide you to make this swing by yourself.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For this project, you'll need:

- Rope Ø10-12 mm

- A shackle, such as those in the picture

- A steel tube Ø26 mm (80 cm should be long enough, if possible threaded at the ends)

- Electrical tape

- Contact adhesive or Tec7

- Leather (450 x 150 mm), it should be at least 4 mm thick

- Multiplex (400 x 130 x 35 mm), it should be at least 35 mm thick

- Tie-wraps

- Handlebar tape (you can also use duct tape)

(optional: nails)


- Drill

- Box cutter

- Hacksaw

- Clamp

- Spade bit 25mm

- Table saw

- Measurer

(optional: table drill)

Step 2: Sawing the Multiplex

You have to saw the multiplex in three pieces with different dimensions. Two of them are identical.

I used a piece of wood to guide the multiplex in the right angle.

Follow the instructions of the accompanying drawing for proper dimensions. Off course you are free to choose your own dimensions.

Step 3: Drilling the Middle Piece

Through the center of the middle piece, comes the steel tube. Draw diagonal lines to find the center.

Then drill a hole of Ø25 mm with the spade bit. Try to be as straight as possible when you drill this hole. If you have a table drill, use it, this will be more accurate!

Step 4: Attaching the Leather

The wooden base is complete, so we can attach the leather. Glue the leather to the three pieces of wood. When you do this, press the three pieces of wood together, so there are minimal openings.

Put some holdfasts on the pieces and wait for glue to dry. Put some nails in for extra strength.

Don't forget to drill a hole through the leather, otherwise the steel tube won't fit.

Step 5: The Steel Tube

Try to look for an appropriate length for your tube. Mine is 80 cm but I'm not the tallest...

Put the steel tube through the provided hole, if you have a tube with thread, screw it in. If you have one without thread it will also work because it's a very tight fit.

The only thing left now is attaching the rope.

Step 6: The Rope

Put the rope through the steel tube from top to bottom. At the bottom, make a knot. Make sure the knot is bigger than the diameter of the tube. In this way, the knop will support the wooden base. I made a simple loop knot, for even better results, try a figure eight knot.

Attach the shackle on the other side of the rope, as shown in the picture. To keep it simple, use tie-wraps to close the rope.

If you have to make the rope shorter, don't forget to burn the end and attach some tape. (Electrical tape works great!)

Step 7: Finishing Touch

If you want to make the steel tube less harsh, wrap some handlebar or duct tape around.

Step 8: Enjoy

Check out this video for some instructions on how to install your swing.

Now that you have finished your swing, search for a chill spot in the woods, hang your swing, grab a beer and enjoy nature!

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