Introduction: Swing Swing and Swing !!!


We all likes swing.....Lets make one

In this instructables....A swing is made using plastic coir

cheap and enjoyable..but requires time and patience and energy :)

Step 1: We Need !!!

1) Coir

2) two wood pieces

3) Drill machine and drill bit sets

4) knife

and a helper : )

Step 2: Cutting and Winding!!!

Depending upon the width you require drill holes in the small wooden pieces

Take twice the length (very important) since we have to tie may knots in between......

knotting take time...the hard part :)

Step 3: Sort and Pass Through Hole

Now sort the my case since 13 holes got drilled

I took 13 pairs of thread so total 26

Now as a group of two pass through the 13 holes as shown... get help for this....who has patience :)

Step 4: Knots Starts!!!

Now its the journey for knots and knots

time for testing patience and stamina...

start putting knots as shown in pictures....

till your required length is achieved ....

now pass through the holes in second wooden piece .

Step 5: Final Winding and Hurray...its Ready !!!

Thank you for your valuable time!!!

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