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Introduction: Portable Swing in a Ball

I had to make this instructable for a school project. The task was to make a swing that is light (max. 5kg), original and easy to carry around.

We had to make sure that everything was stored away in our swing. I really wanted to use a ball instead of a normal plank. It wasn't very easy because a ball isn't a very handy form to make things of. But I managed to make a swing of it that works, that is light (2,2 kg) and easy to transport.

Feel free to visit my blog: http://olivierkennethswing.blogspot.be/

So enjoy this instructable and your swing!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

First of all I made a drawing to have an idea how my swing would look like.

The way of sitting on the swing isn't really comfortable this way, so I changed my idea of opening the ball.(picture 2, 3 and 4)

So what do you need?


  • An old basketball size 7
  • A wooden plank +- 12mm thick, dimensions: make sure its big enough to fit the two halfs of the ball
  • A 20m rope ( maximum thickness 12mm)
  • Both velcro sides ( male velcro +- 20cm, female velcro +-2m)
  • 2 piano hinges
  • 1 square hinge
  • A wooden plank +-15 mm thick, dimensions: +- 30cm * 30cm
  • A pressured staples machine
  • Silicone
  • 6 bolts for the square hinge
  • 12 screws for the piano hinges
  • 6 bolt holders you can screw into the wood
  • A box cutter

Now you have everything to begin the instructable.

Step 2: Cutting the Ball

Use your box cutter to cut the basketball in half. Make sure that the edges of the ball are completely flat.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood

Place one half of the ball onto the wooden plank (thickness +-12mm) and draw the outline.

Than use an automatic cutting machine to cut out the cirkels.

Place the cirkel into the ball to make sure it fits perfectly on the edge of the ball.

This plank will be used to sit on.

Step 4: Rounding of the Wood

Use a wood file to round of the wood. This makes it easier to fit into the ball.

Step 5: Strengthening

Use the other plank (+-15mm) to cut out a reinforcement rib. Make sure this plank is placed on the right spot like you see in the picture.

The curved side of this plank has to touch the inside of the ball.

Also use a wood file to round of the wood.

Step 6: Making the Holes

Use 2 screws to connect the reinforcement rib to the plank, then turn them loose again.

Cut of a piece of the plank (+- 9cm from the center of the plank).

Then make a hole in each center of the planks ( depending of the thickness of the rope you are using).

Also make a hole in each center of the reinforcement rib.

Step 7: Milling

Mill the wood on the places where you have to put the piano hinge and the square hinge.

You can also enlighten your swing by milling them a little deeper at the center.

Step 8: the Bolt Holders

Screw in the bolt holders on the places where the square hinge has to come.

I use bolts because they are stronger than just screws.

Step 9: Fasten the Piano Hinges

Just use some screws to fasten the hinges to your plank.

Step 10: Make a Hole in the Ball

Use your box cutter to make a hole in the ball. Make sure it's in the right place and at the center of the hole you made in your reinforcement rib.

Step 11: Connecting the Plank With the Ball

Use your staples machine to connect the 2 planks to the ball.

Step 12: Connect the Square Hinge

Connect the square hinge with the bolts.

Step 13: the Rope

Pull the rope through the ball. Make sure its not to long to fit into the ball.

Use some straps and place them around the rope against the reinforcement rib, that way you can't pull out the rope when you are carrying the ball.

Step 14: Female Velcro

I used some female velcro strips and putted them onto te hinges. That way its a little bit safer and its harder to slip of the plank when you are swinging.

Step 15: Closing the Ball

To close the ball I just used some velcro strips on the outside of the ball.

Step 16: Fastening the Rope to the Tree

For this I've just made a knot in the rope so the swing is at a good hight for me. Then I throwed the rope over a branch and made another knot under the previous knot. That way the swing can't slide down.

You can also use the system on the second and third picture.

Step 17: Ready to Swing

Congratulations, you've made your own swing in a ball!

Have fun!

Also you can visit my blog where you can find my progress, a videoclip and brainstorming:


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    As a street artist who makes and hangs swings, I love this idea! :) I am wondering though, can the hinge between the two halves take a lot of weight (I'm in the US, so I have to ask, lol)?

    also, how hard is it to make the holes for the rope? I usually make 2 on each side for the knots I tie so I am wondering if this would be difficult given the material

    great idea. was this a project for a design class or just a fun idea you wanted to try?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, first of all thanks for your reply :p.

    To answer your questions: The hinge doesn't take a lot of weight because of the rope that is hanging underneath it. All the preasure comes onto this rope, that's is also the rope that you use to fasten it to the tree, it's in one piece like you can see in the drawings.

    For your second question: it's not hard to make the holes, if you use some strong wood from +-12mm, you can just make some holes in it with a big drill. I used a 13mm drill but that depends which rope you are using.

    And for your final question :p This was a task for a school project, to make an original swing that is light and easy to carry around :)


    7 years ago

    AWESOME idea!! How did you come up with it?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks,i don' t know i just wanted to make something original starting from a ball xp its handy and you can put everything away.


    7 years ago

    Never mind! It's so you can open the ball up and store everything! Right? Great idea!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's right and thanks :)


    7 years ago

    Very cool! Can I ask what is the second set of hinges for? (On the outside closer to the edges)