Swing on the Go

Introduction: Swing on the Go

As an assignment for school we had to create a swing easy to make and easy to carry. Here a couple of pictures from the swing with the whole process how to make it.

Materials needed for the swing::

- PVC – tube diameter 110mm

- 2 sets of ropes 7,5m long 10mm in diameter

- Triplex wood 12mm

- Thin rope 6mm

Tools / materials used:

- Holesaw diameter 76mm

- Holesaw diameter 52mm

- Feinn mastercutter

- 16mm spade wood drill bit

- Drill

- File and round file tool

- Sandpaper

- Drill bit 8mm

- Stanley knife

- Scatchtape

Step 1: Tape and Drilling the Main Holes

Get a PVC- tube with a minimum length of 60cm. Tape on the first end scatchtape 2,5cm from the side. Measure from the beginning of the tape a length of 55cm.

The 4 holes are for the main ropes. These are marked 2,5cm from the side and 3cm from the centerline of the tube. Use herefor the spade drill 16mm. (Don’t mind the cirkel in the middle, my mistake)

Step 2: Bigger Bottom Holes

The bigger holes on the tube that must be drilled are on the bottom. They insure a proper fitment of the selfmade lock. Mark a hole 5cm from the side and use the hole saw 52mm in diameter.

Step 3: Holes Holes Holes...

We will now add some holes so that the PVC-tube doesn't looks to plain. They are also used to attach the thin rope for easy transportation.

Attach tape on the sides of the tube. Now draw a straight line in the middle. Make sure everything is nice centered.

Measure from both sides 5cm and after that 5,6cm. Drill the first, the middle and last hole with the spade drill 16mm. After that use the 8mm drill for the holes in between. Do the same for the other side.

Step 4: Clean Up

Now that all the holes are drilled, cut the tube on the exact length by using a metal saw or a feinn mastercutter. Once thats done use a file and sandpaper to clean up the holes and edges.

Step 5: Looks

To make the tube look better I used an adhesive foil with a woodprint on it. Use a hard card to remove air bubbles. Once that the whole tube is wrapped slice the holes out with a stanley knife. Now your tube is finish.

Step 6: Selfmade Lock

Now we will be making the selfmade lock. I’ve used a piece of paper as a template. Use a compass drawing tool and make a cirkel with diameter 76 and cut it out. Now fold the paper half in one way and half the other way. You will now have a cross in the cirkel. Measure from each line the middle. Now you have a template to make the lock.

By using the template it will be much easier to make the lock. Make sure you attach your piece of wood firmly before you start drilling.

Put the template on the piece of wood and use your spade drill to mark the holes. Drill first the inner holes with the spade drill 16mm. After that use the hole saw 76mm diameter to saw the entire cirkel.

To finish it of you can varnish the 2 locks or use the adhesive foil to wrap it with.

Step 7: Transportation Rope

Final step is to tie a fix knot in one of the holes. The other end is used to throw over the branch. Also attach the thinner rope in the holes we drilled. Make sure that one end of the rope is short and the other slightly longer so its easy to pull the rope in before you swing. Tie on the long side a knot adjusted to your preference.

Step 8: Ready to Go

After that everything is assembled the long ropes can be inserted in the tube together with the 2 locks.

Now you are ready to go out and swing.


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