Introduction: Swipe Lamp Build Instructions

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This is one of three instructables we made during our apprentice style team building day.

You can see the introduction video about the day and how you can get involved to vote for a winner here.

This instructable details how to assemble our Swipe Lamp kit.

First of all assemble the board using the Shed Alarm notes provided, but with the following exceptions:

Step 1: Prepare the LEDs

Swap the buzzer with four LED’s, using the eight pieces of wire, strip each end and these will be used to make two parallel lines connecting each of the LED’s, making sure you get the positive and negative sides of the LED’s the right way round. (Image 1)

Step 2: Attach LEDs

Solder the two pieces of wire into the pcb marked Q1 (sensor) create a loop at each end of the wire and tie the two pieces of of thread one to each wire (Image 2)

Step 3: Add the Conductive Thread to the PVC Sheet.

Take the PVC sheet and mark out two rows parallel to each with five holes in each.

Using a large enough instrument, (needle) make the holes big enough for the thread to pass through.

Cut ten lengths of the conductive thread about 13cm in length.

Make a knot in one end of the thread and using a needle thread it through the hole. (Images 3 & 4)

Step 4:

Once this has been done measure out two more pieces of thread about 15cm in length and using a needle connect the strand of thread through each of the knots to make a connection to each piece of thread.

Using a strip of tape place it over the joints of the conductive thread making sure the two parallel lines of thread do not touch each other (this just secures the thread in place).

Step 5: Fit the Kit.

Using the strip of tape provided join the pvc sheet together over lapping it slightly.

Slide the Kit into the tube along with the led’s positioning them into place. (Image 5 & 6)

Step 6:

Please don't forget to check out the introduction video about the day and how you can get involved to vote for a winner here, or you can go directly to the voting form here.