Introduction: Swiss Army Mug

This time I wanted to see how a simple design could be expanded to become more universal. I collect mugs in my personal life, however a lot of the time I don't end up drinking from them. This got me thinking about the design of different cups, and whether the two designs could be merged in some way.


Zip Ties

Plastic Mould



Metal Handles

Rope Cleats


Drink Koozie

Step 1: V1

I built Version 1 as my Hello World, and to test my design and see the ideal size and shape for the following designs

Step 2: V2

v2 was my most successful piece, it was also where I encountered my first real problem, some of the screws I bought were too long! I cut them down to size and smoothed out the edge and they fit perfectly. Putting washers on the inside also gave the screws more surface area on the interior, increasing the hold and making it less likley that the handle would rip out of the piece. It took a few tries to get the measurements correct but this made version 3's build an easier process.

Step 3: V3

After completing my v2 Mug, I thought about the types of containers that did not match the size of version two, and what could be done for containers of other shapes and sizes. I designed version 3 to be the most universal, being able to be tied to any size or shape container, while this model has less of a snug fit as either v1 or v2, it is applicable to a wider range of containers.

Going forward Id like to make Version 4 out of nicer material than plywood and also use an adjustable clip rather than rope to attach the device.