Introduction: Swoop Stopper Helmet

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Cycling, unicycling or running is ecofriendly and can be fun. Then comes swooping season and suddenly, it becomes a fearful dash from the devilish winged demons.

During swooping season certain birds become territorial. They will attack anyone who goes past their nests at anything faster than walking speed.

Some cyclists respond to this by attaching tie wraps on to their helmets, making for a rather interesting look.

Here is my solution!

Step 1: What You Need

- Helmet

- 3D printer

- Attached files

- PLA filament

- Double sided tape

- Elasticated string x 2 strengths

- Scissors

- Metal cutter

- Lighter

Step 2: Make the Spikes

3D print the spike parts.

Place double sided tape on the underside of each base.

Cut the nails to create a shaft and insert it through the base and spike.

Using extra filament, heat with a lighter to fill the cavities either side of the shaft to keep it in place.

Step 3: Position the Your Defence

Position each spike to provide protection from the pesky birds.

Add elastic thread to the front and rear of each spike.

Attach the front spike to the 3D printed handle passing through the guide to provide additional tension. Secure the rear thread to the helmet to retract each spike.

Using trial and error tighten/loosen each side so that the spike sits flush when relaxed and lifts up when the handle is pulled to the front edge of the helmet.

Step 4: Get Your Swoop On/off

To activate your spikes pull the handle down over the helmet lip. The elastic should pull it back and latch it in place.

Now get on your bike safe in the knowledge that when you come under attack you can rapidly deploy your porcupine-like protection.

Step 5: Disclaimer!

Please be aware adding any additional features may render your helmet unsafe.

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