Introduction: Sword

This is the final product, a medieval sword used by knights. It has been in many battle reenactments. We have one every tuesday... it is indestructible.


i sheet of plexy-glass
a sharpie
spray paint
a foam or cotton square
your beautiful self ;)

mabie a costume too lollolol 

Step 2: First Step-Drawing

Acquire some plexy-glass from Home Depot  and draw your sword with a ruler. Size may vary.

Step 3: CUT IT

Cut it. Thats all ya got to do. We used a dremmel but you can use whatever you please. A saw might be exciting. Heres a sneak peek of the one and only medival girl #swag sorry im not in my costume

Step 4: Sand Yo

With the help of our friend Sir Orman we sanded the edges to make it smooth and swordy.

Step 5: Glue Extra Pieces

Glue extra strips so your sword is not flimsy. This made it very sturdy and better striking. :)


Paint your sword to your pleasing... mine matches my costume. Also add something such as cotton to the handle to make it able to hold. 
xoxo medieval girl ;)

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