Introduction: Sword Skateboarding

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Slide gives a translational feeling, like low-altitude flight, China has the myth of sword flight, The two can be combined to create a skateboard with Chinese characteristics.

So the plate I designed into the shape of a sword, in order to appearance and increase friction I add edgy pattern on the board. The rear handle is easy to pick up and the sword's image is more vivid and can be braked.

For the softos, the plan is to use a mixture of metal and hardwood to build.

Due to weight and appearance, it is sacrificed to make movements, designed as a surface, only for the step tool

Step 1: Step 1 : Build a Floor Plan

The appearance of the sword, but the corners should be soft to prevent injury.

Step 2: Step 2 :Create Entities

Can not be too thick to prevent too heavy, so to have a suitable version of the thickness;

The swords handle is used for braking and holding;

Add a pattern to increase friction.